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SGS - Spec during Slayer and other things


AGS - Spec while pking for high hits, maybe Monster Hunting.


BGS - Spec while team Monster Hunting


ZGS - There's a use?




ZGS is best at what Zamorak is best at.


Piling people (freeze) and running away.


It actually freezes for a while tbh.

I dont need a siggy no moar.

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The Godswords are really only good for their specs. Other than that their uses are limited as far as exp/hour goes since a whip deal more damage per *insert time period here*




Other than the specials I don't see any use for them.






Also the ZGS was used primarily at Saradomin GWD. Keeping Zil in one spot was a great way to kill the boss. I say was because I am unsure if it still a viable option for killing her or not.

Apparently, my signature was to big.

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