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Blast Furnace Question PLEASE ANSWER


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Anyone have a blast furnace guide to show me?




Real question is whats more useful to blast furnace-ise.




I have 15k iron, and 5k coal atm. I can buy more coal


69 Smithing atm, aiming for whatever




Should I do steel, then into steel plates, which I will eventually alch for profit?


Or is selling my iron and buying mith ores to make into bars and bolts better?


Help please!

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Okay I did some math: here are the rough numbers, all prices are calculated at GE market price:


(Did not include price of unnoting coal/mith, since I didnt know it)


Mithril Plate alches for 3120


1 Nature rune costs 241


Coal is 218 each= 436


Mith ore is 263


Total cost per bar= 699


Total cost per plate= 3495


Loss of 616 gp per plate


Yielding 400 smithing exp and 65 Magic


1.54 exp per GP (65 Magic bonus)




Mithril Bolts (finished) sell for (mid) 87






Total cost per bar= 699


One bar makes 10 bolts


699 gp for 10 unfinished bolts


1 feather is 6 gp (10 is 60)


759 for 10 finished bolts


Sell now for 111 gp PROFIT per bar


Buy Emeralds (12 tips per emerald, so lets say for 60 bolts, 6 bars=4554)


Buying 5 emeralds 5875 GP, for 60 bolts (OR BUY EMERALD TIPS, do they sell?)


60 Emerald Bolts= 10419


1 emerald bolt= 211 so 60= 12660


2241 gp profit per 6 bars, 373.5 profit per bar (with extra fletching exp)


Sell now, OR buy 1 cosmic (171) + 1 nature (241) to enchant 10 (1 bar worth) bolts, extra cost of 412 gp times by 6= 2472


Add to emerald bolt cost= 12891 per 60 bolts


60 enchanted emerald bolts sell for 15360


Per 6 bars, profit of 2469, profit of 411.5 per bar with extra fletching + mage exp




Now i'm not sure what and what doesnt sell, so if someone can take a look at this and tell me exactly what to do, i'll be very thankful

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Look at this: http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Blast_F ... ting_costs


SC hammers will half the cost per exp. For mith bodies, it seems like it's 1.1935 gold/exp with alching. Mith bolts (unf) seems like .0692 gold/exp and mith bolts are more expensive but you get fletching exp and they're easier to sell(cba to calculate). I say it's too much of a hassle to cut emeralds/buy emerald tips just for measly fletching exp and magic exp. You're better off fletching and training magic some other ways. I would expect mith bolts to sell well, unfinished mith bolts-ok, emerald tipped-maybe since I've never tried, and emerald bolts (enchanted)-well.




For your original question, I would sell it and buy mithril ores and more coal. Steel would take too long really, and you don't really wanna be there for any longer.


You could always buy rings of forging, smelt iron bars, and use SC hammers to make iron knives. I would just make mithril bolts overall, a small loss that's rather worth it. Leave em unfinished if you want, I don't really know. And my calculations might be off. Been a while since I've done BF since it was so annoying, with the gate, pets and familiars, no one doing any work, and the slow pace really but have fun.




o_o semi-long post.

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