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Karil + Zammy Spear.


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Im interrested in buying Karil top and skirt along with a Zammy Spear but both these items have been on the rise the past few days. Reason for buying is for Waterfiends and aquanites tasks. Should i wait a bit before i buy Or should i buy now before they rise even more?



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Go with your gut...




But imo buy now cause I was an idiot with the saradomin sword. I was watching it very carefully before when it was at about 5.4mil. I was going to buy it but i thougt to buy later when it might drop more when it went up to the now price: 8.4mil -.-



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I've had an offer in for a zamorakian spear for nearly an hour at max, pretty hard to get right now. At the very least it'll keep rising for a few days, but I don't think there'll be a huge crash anytime soon. Might as well buy it right now before it rises even more. Karil top is pretty similar, I was able to buy one for about 100k over mid 20 minutes ago.

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