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Some Underbanners


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I need these underbanners done asap. It is for some awards in Clan Discussion. The background of the underbanner can be whatever you want but they all must have the same background and look nice.




On the left of the underbanners should be the text "Tip.it Clan Discussion Awards `09"


This will be the same for all. The following list shows what should make them different. The first item will say what should be on the far right, and the second item will be in the middle.




Biggest Troll, Sparze




Funniest Poster, Evertonfc88




Most Intelligent Poster, Lady Ninane




Biggest Flamer, Sparze




Most Hated, Sparze




Best Signature, Y_Guy_4_Life




Most Active Clan, Tempted Killers




Best Matched Ops Clan, Team Tko Blitz




Best Fullout Clan, Crimson Raiders




Best Clan Signature, Downfall




Best Clan Forums, Legendz




Most Hated Clan, Tempted Killers




Most Organized Clan, P.K. Masters




Whoever does this will it will be greatly appreciated and like I said if you could do it quickly that would be great.




Thanks in advance <3:

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