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Level 92 looking for a F2P Warring Clan

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I enjoy warring, and I am looking for a F2P clan that is mainly based on warring. My combat level is 92, and I have no problems on joining as a Future Applicant until I meet the full requirements.




PS: It'd be better is the clan is purely F2P.

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Hello :)


We are The Bloodshed Empire, a friendly and supportive community. We have a vast amount of events every week including pk trips with our ally clan and wars every now and then.


Our events can be anything from treassure or monster hunting to a competition about getting the most xp in a skill celebrated to honor the winner.


If you consider BSE as your future clan you shall be mostly welcome on our IRC chat #BSE. Hope to see you soon.









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-.:: Quick Links ::.-


How to Join |Forums |Calendar |Runehead






.:: About TRR ::.




TRR is a very unique clan, with a strong focus on community. Any member is welcomed into the family, no matter how new to Runescape or clans they may be. The main goal of TRR is to provide a fun, relaxed environment in which all players can enjoy the game in the company of others. After all, isn't the whole point of Runescape to have fun?




By now I'm sure you've noticed we have no level requirements, right? If you're wondering why a clan would do such a thing, it's really rather simple. Our clan believes things like activity, personality, attitude, and loyalty are all more important than how many hours someone has played Runescape. Many people believe having no requirements is a reason why our community has blossomed. After all, every member is treated as an equal. We help each other out, whether it be in RS or real life situations.




wcn7dz.gifKey Informationwcn7dz.gif




.:: Clan Leaders ::.


Tragic Shadows




.:: War Record ::.


Full Out | Fun | Matched


[ 6 - 2 ] [ 1 - 0 ] [ 0 - 0 ]


.:: Clan Cape ::.


Team-33 (Green)


.:: Home Worlds ::.


P2P: 64 | F2P: 93


.:: Alliances ::.




.:: Primary Time Zones ::.


GMT | Atlantic | Eastern | Central | Mountain | Pacific


We have members from all over the world, and take pride in our diversity.


.:: IRC Channel ::.




.:: Ventrilo ::.




PORT: 3798


.:: Clan Chat ::.


The RS Rebel


.:: Base Type ::.


F2P & P2P








.:: We'd Like You To... ::.


Maintain RS and forum activity.


Attend as many Runescape events as possible.


Show respect to all members and staff.


While on Runescape, use our clan chat and/or IRC channel.






wcn7dz.gifEvents wcn7dz.gif




.:: Overview ::.


Do you rarely see clans host your favorite events? Don't worry! In TRR, all members are able to host their own events.


Our clan puts its members first, and everyone is heard no matter how new you are or what your combat level may be.


We only ask that you're mature and respect everyone else in the clan.






.:: Videos ::.


Featured Video




Our Clan Videos


Click above to view over 20 of TRR's videos!




wcn7dz.gifCommonly Asked Questionswcn7dz.gif


.:: How Do You Join? ::.


We have an extremely fast and painless process for applicants.


Click Here For Directions!| Video: How To Join TRR


.:: Can I Join The Forums Without A Runescape Account? ::.


Of course, just follow the directions posted above and explain your situation. We'll welcome you into our community!


.:: Aren't There A Lot Of "Noobs"? ::.


Actually, our message has attracted a great deal of experienced RS players. People that like to do more demanding events such as God Wars shouldn't have a problem finding others to play with.


.:: I Have A Few More Questions... ::.


Feel free to visit our forums and post any remaining questions you may have HERE.








Thanks for considering TRR, we hope to see you soon!




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Hi Lit0ua,




Thought you may be interested in Legendz, focusing on F2P Clan Warring...












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> Lit, you might wanna ask the mods to close your thread :)


> Before a mod yells at me, he's on Ancient Legion already. Lit must've forgotten to delete his thread here :roll:

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