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so best way from 91 - 99 fletching?


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hey guys, ermm well ive started playing rs again about 2 or 3 days ago, since our typical english weather has re started and my girlfriend has gone away for a bit over a week, i decided to play this game again.


now i ask what would be the most fastest possible way to get there no matter on cost i have 59m, and what would be the "break even method" where i make no or make profit and get still decent speed xp.


thanks for all your help guys :)




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yeah i mean ive done mith bolts, i left them buying while i quit :) quite smart tbf cause it got me up like 9 levels, but its the waiting i mean 10k per 4 hours :S i really would like to speed it up






I'm fletching mith bolts right now, of course the limit of items you can buy suck but, u can use forums to buy and usually there are some nice guys at G.E who want to buy for you ;)



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