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  1. of course I know that they will rise again one time, but when? and how far do you expect them to rise? i've bought quite some of them because i'm thinking this whole food crisis thing is just panic
  2. http://forum.tip.it/topic/242089-rune-ore-respawn-timer-accurate-and-easy-to-use/
  3. So, after a time of no runescape I decided to check it out again. Used paybysms for membership and usually it takes max. 5minutes for me to get the pin. But I'm waiting for 5 hours right now, and still no sms... I do have a new mobile but I still got the old number if that has anything to do with it..
  4. no one ever used it or knows anything about it?
  5. Some guy told me that it is possible to make up to 700k/hr smelting runite at blast furnace when using the G.E shortcut and glory to edgeville, does any of you have any experience with this method of moneymaking? And with the new clothing update, i also need a new mining cape outfit, any ideas? lol
  6. Assuming you'll switch to gold at 80 I don't really think its worth it, unless you are planning to use it after 80 mining
  7. They dont stack if thats what you're asking. Thanks =) I'm at 1.1 right now, so I would be better off with gauntlets.. lol
  8. Is it just me, or arent they working this weekend?
  9. I was told that you get them very often at al-kharid warriors (pickpocket)
  10. i would do edgeville men, lots of them and close to bank
  11. Because I was in France at the time of announcement I was too late to buy herblore supplies =( But I want my magic and smithing up so I've just bought 40k gold ore and nature runes =)
  12. I can make much more than 144k/hour So I guess I'll piety all the way =) At least on tasks I don't 2/3 hit, lol Too bad pray pots are unbuyable right now =( Thanks :thumbsup:
  13. I want to speed up my kills in slayer a bit, So I decided to use prayers How much does piety cost on an average task? Does it really make that much difference or am I better off using superhuman str? Prayer Bonus on my normal slayer gear is +13
  14. me, only happens when she talks to me and I click somewhere on the map nvm, happens all the time right now... notice how you can still close doors.. lol
  15. Hmmm.... What to wear with trimmed mining skillcape
  16. Can you imagine what I think of rap/hip hop en all the house stuff? (however, aesop rock is still good rap/hiphop) Don't like all metal bands either, take suicide silence for example, I simply hate it But if you take bullet for my valentine or once born again it's also lots of scream but its more melodic and all that stuff
  17. I'm using the latest version of mozilla firefox Downloaded the new ATI drivers a few days ago edit: I have JAVA standard edition version 6 update 20 (build 1.6.0_20-b02)
  18. thanks for all the advice guys =) Stil have around 300/400 btp in my bank xD I think I will just spend my money to get 68 summoning asap, and then spend the rest on herblore
  19. I'm planning on doing alot of slayer when I come back from holiday, so I wondered, Should I buy guthans? I've only got charms for 61 summ, so no bunyip yet for me. How often does guthan heal? and can I only bring Guthan instead of food?
  20. Great Guide :thumbsup: Maybe put King's Ransom by the quests? cause you need that quest to unlock piety
  21. Today I tried logging in on runescape, but I just got a black screen, after I reloaded the page it was the same thing. Restarted my computer and still got the same black screen, however If I turned the setting to OpenGL I could login. So I'm wondereing, Why can't I log in correctly while in DirectX mode? I was able to do so all the time, and no recent hardware changes have been made Pc Specs: Intel Core I7 860 4 GB Ram Ati Radeon HD 4890 And if it would matter: I have around 750GB free space Running on Windows 7
  22. Even better at lvl 70 get torag/dharok plate and Verac's skirt (prayer bonus) Buy an amulet of glory/fury dragon boots Get a (full)Slayer helm Do Rfd for the barrows gloves Obsidian cape or skillcape will do for the cape slot almost forgot: BE SURE to get a rune defender
  23. I cant use them? so i can wear them but cant use them?? whats that supposed 2 mean? :blink: It means that when you go f2p when wearing p2p items, you can still wear your items but they dont give any bonusses and cant wear them after you unequipped them However, the members items still have weight
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