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    awesome, two holiday quest weeks this month!
  2. then wear this and pray mage
  3. reckon i'll be able to stay in limbo for 5-10 minutes while i get my friend to go get kc so that he can bless my grave?
  4. if you just want to kill a godwars boss for fun, go kill zamorak boss. nobody kills that one so you won't be crashed.
  5. http://forum.tip.it/topic/290963-how-long-will-92-dung-take/page__view__findpost__p__4792375
  6. Bladewing


    i think holiday quests are stupid, so we agree there but an april fools BTS literally wastes nothing, so in this instance i disagree.
  7. ^ think you meant waterfiends, but yeah turmoil and soulsplit are as awesome as sliced bread
  8. they are incredibly rare actually. on average you'd probably only see one of the "good" rare table drops per like 1000 abyssal demons or other high level monster.
  9. That's mainly you just overpowering people. When I saw the title I assumed it would've been multi, with organised piles. You also used Deflect Magic against the level 74. Yes, I know they're a pure, but the odds of them hitting through your almost max mage defence and 99 Magic/Defence is very slim in that armour. Overall, I'm not that impressed. you'd be more impressed with 11 people piling 1 person and killing them? how is that more impressive than 1v1?
  10. bandos is about 6 strength and 2 prayer better than torags
  11. MTK does fractional nests too, so long run you get the same nests per worker regardless.
  12. If its an opinion, it shouldn't be presented as a fact. it wasn't presented as fact, dumb[cabbage].
  13. Bladewing


    indeed, but how is this relevant to the OP
  14. what do you mean by "it didn't work"?
  15. abyssal demons suck so much now that they're on the verge of being on my perm block list (no joke) i would dungeoneer first
  16. Fixed it for you in big letters. Stop running around acting like your opinions are facts without providing evidence to support your claims. I lack basic reading comprehension to realize that what you said is clearly an opinion. fixed it for you in big letters. stop running around misconstruing others' obviously opinionated statements as purported fact.
  17. taking away free trade was to stop credit card fraud. NOT specifically bots, hackers, or rwters they were only looking after their financial interests.
  18. nope, he's still right - simply click manage, change to the best combination, then collect.
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