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Meleeing In Saradomin God Wars


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Before, I thought that the best method for a team was to use range. But whenever I look for a team, they always want to melee. I haven't found any guides for what to do while meleeing, but I think I know what.


So my questions are:




1.) Would the strategy be something like this? Just pray mage, and then attack the boss. If she starts to melee you, run away whilst your teamates attack her, until she switches her target?




2.) Also, what order should the minions be killed in?




3.) And lastly, what equipment/inventory set up would you recommend? I have a zamorak godsword, fire cape, fury, barrow gloves, dragon boots, and berserker ring. But I have no idea what to use for the helm, body, and leg slots. Should I use brews, or fish? I also have 80 summoning, so would you recommend I use a tortoise and a titan, or fruit bat?




Any help is appreciated, thanks.

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Your best bet is to use guthan's armour with the spear in your inventory, and once you kill zill heal on the minions.




But what would be a good inventory? A teletab, spare pouches, spear, 10 restores, rest brews?




And what about the first two questions?

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if your meleeing, you have a few choices on armour:




veracs helm/body/skirt for pray+def


bandos for str+def and a lil pray


or guthans to heal




i use bandos or veracs








bring 4-5 brews and use titan. bring 4-5 titans, 3 pure sets




the order of minions doesnt matter much






and yeah, just attack her till she focuses on you, then run. you can also flash piety on and off as u attack, so u hit harder but it doesnt take up too much prayer

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