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99 Crafting Help.


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Hey Guys , I'm thinking of 99 crafting. can someone tell me whats the best way?




I've heard that the best ways are.




Method 1 : SC Needles - costing 10 - 20M for 99?


Method 2 :Super glass Make




I've quit for a year and found out I've been hacked during the time so I'm low on cash (3m) so ill need to make money if i was to do the SC method. But I've heard that you can make a heap of cash doing method 2.




can anyone tell me what what i need to do for method 2. I know you need lunar and 77 Magic but what would i buy and for how much to make profit or to break even?




ATM , I'm thinking i would jump between both methods, the money i make of the Glass Make option would for pay hides for a XP boost then ill go back to glass and repeat.




also whats the demand like on the glass? , is it stable?




any help guys?






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Here is a video explaining the entire process:








Demand for the glass is pretty stable, as people use it to train via glassblowing, which can provide a decent amount of experience, but comes with a loss.




Super glassmake comes with the following:


-up to 70K exp per hour for crafting


-Up to 40K mage exp per hour


-Up to 300K profit per hour (possibly more)




I'd stick with super glassmake, it is the most profitable and decent experience. Don't bother with hides, this method is ftw :thumbsup: if you need any more help just ask.


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