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  1. you can also buy Raw bird meat boxes and Beef meet east of the Mobilising Armies teleport and sell those for a good profit as well. and there is also Beef meet at the Canifs meet shop too.
  2. quit for about 2 years only just came back for like 2 months. did nothing but WC , came back with 0gp cash went from 88 - 99 on teaks making about 15m cash. [hide=][/hide] now im going for 99 theiveing [hide=][/hide]
  3. chessy018 is the one your after , its meant to be the best one
  4. Wowi thought hunter was like 200 - 300k xp an hour foolish me thanks guys
  5. People do fire strikes and wind strikes on spiders in the limbridge castle .
  6. Hey guys, just a quick couple of questions. I've almost gotten 99 woodcutting *yay* and am planning my next 99 which I thought I may as well do One if the quick ones. My question is which of the 2 skills are faster? 99 thieving: 75-81 clubbing and 82-99 PP 99 hunter: 79 -99 doing red chins all the way. Also what is the equipment needed for PP, I've done it before but havnt really tried to do it for major XP, do people still use anti ppsins pots etc Thanks on advance.
  7. i did this for the god books a couple weeks ago .. works http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fB9K7DKMYxE
  8. i like it :) seems like you did a great job comming back .. well done for your first week. 8/10
  9. nvm guys got it it still works http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mJ0YAP81D4E
  10. ive just been speaking to him , and ive somehow gotten 2 guthix / zammy books but only 1 sara book ..
  11. hey guys , ive seen in bank pics/ videos of people having more then 1 holy book (books you get at horror of the deep) but when ever i drop them and and ask then try to pick them up i get told i dont need another holy book.. can anyone tell me how i get 2 of the same books?
  12. thanks for the great help mate.. :ohnoes: cant wait.
  13. 2nd that. what i did got 90 - 99 within 2 weeks.
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