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Crafting calc. question


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So let's say i need to find out how many green d' hide chaps i need to make til 99 with sc needles...


Does the calculator give the amout multiplied with 2 (the hides needed per chaps) or just the amount of finished chaps i need to make to get to 99?

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Why is everyone getting 99 crafting these days?




Because it owns? :o


Well...For me...I can't figure out what to spend my money on...Everything i'd want is too expensive and obviously im not good at saving money. As soon as i have green money in my bank i must buy something >_<

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Buy 500k flax and go to town.. :thumbsup:




[hide=1st]On second thought[/hide]




[hide=2nd]Yeah.. 500k Flax, go on :) Try it. Its kickass fun =D>[/hide]


99 Fishing | 99 Cooking | 99 Woodcutting | | 99 Herblore | 99 Prayer |

| 99 Runecrafting | 99 Fletching | 99 Hitpoints | 99 Range |

Youtube: AnthonyOnRS.

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