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New Disconnects & Crashes Near Ardougne Area

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If you haven't heard yet, many, many people have been disconnecting near Ardougne. I saw a Jagex Mod running past so there might be a serious problem. It disconnects you (lags you out) and it gives you a game_error_crash. According to the RSOF, the locations where people might disconnect or crash are as follows:




- Ardougne (From the center to the zoo, to the monk monasery)


- Soul Wars


- Varrock


- Grand Exchange.




I made this thread so I could warn you all about it. I hope it gets fixed..

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Don't want to risk testing but I was in g.e. yesterday(its 01:17 tuesday here in Norway right now) and RuneScape didn't crash, I think I was somewhere else in Varrock to but I don't remember, though I know for a fact that running along Varrock's north wall is safe.





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