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Undo banking


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First of all I'd like to say that I am terrible with forums and I rarely use them, so correct me if I make any mistakes ...




well I've always had problems with banking and it gets especially frustrating for people who have to go from p2p to f2p. If you decide to keep your member items in your bank and exceed the f2p limit, then it is very troublesome if u accidentally withdraw something and can't put it back in >.<.




My suggestion is that an "undo banking" button be added. What it will do is just what the name suggests. If you withdraw an item and decide to put it back, then clicking the button will put it exactly where it was before. The same thing goes for if you deposit an item; it will reappear in the same spot in your inventory. I guess this means that all previous transactions will have to be memorized by the computer at least until you close the bank screen, but then again, it does that in actual banks too.




This would be useful in cases where you withdraw too many of an item, exceed the f2p limit, or if you change your mind about something and want to put it back.








Another thought: I've seen too many suggestions about new monsters, quests, etc. but i think that what Jagex should be working on is not new content, but should spend more time fixing up and perfecting original stuff.

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works for me.




Make the button nice and big, and put it far away from the "x".

99 dungeoneering achieved, thanks to everyone that celebrated with me!


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