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Wurzel's Blog! 95 Prayer Achieved, 2150 Overall

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Hey Everyone,




I've never made a thread in the BlogScape section so this should be fun. I'm just making this thread to track my progress really. Also I don't know anyone to well from TIF so I am looking forward to meeting some new people. :thumbsup:


My current RSN is Wurzel Verve.



Stats at start of thread












Last Level I Achieved






A Few Things About Me



I am a teenager who lives in the UK and enjoys taking part in sports.. mainly football or soccer to others. I started playing RuneScape in 2004 but have quit a fair few times although it is safe to say I always come back. I do not currently have a homeworld on RuneScape as I'm mostly in W84, due to it being the Living Rock Caverns world. I plan to move to world 99 soon though and hopefully meet more TIF'ers.


My favourite skill is Slayer and my least favorites are Agility and Mining.


Fist of Guthix + Castle Wars are my favourite minigames. I never really get round to playing them though as I mostly skill when I'm online.[/hide]






My Current Skill Goals








[hide=99 Pictures]I don't have a picture of 99 Fletching but I got it on the 30th June 2007.






99 Woodcutting February 14th 2008.




99 Thieving 14th April 2008.




99 Hunter 16th July 2008




99 Cooking 17th May 2009




99 Fishing 9th May 2010




99 Magic 16th May 2010




99 Mining 19th June 2010.






Not a 99 but a great achievement anyway. Got on 4th of August 2009.






[hide=Bank Pictures]


My Bank ~ 25th August 2009




My bank 20th June 2010.




[hide=Barrows Blog]


1. N/A.


3. N/A.


5. 76 Bolt Racks,1254 coins,113 Chaos runes, 274 Mind runes

6. 221 Death runes, 1062 Coins.

7. 79 Blood runes, 73 Bolt racks, 124 Chaos runes, 626 Mind runes.

8. 120 Chaos runes, 75 Bolt racks, 614 Mind runes, 456 Coins.

9. 153 Death runes, 624 Mind runes, 1186 coins, Loop half of key.

10. 50 Death runes, 120 Chaos runes, 38 Bolt racks, 845 Mind runes, 1074 coins.

11. 227 Death runes, 35 Bolt racks, 295 Mind runes, 934 coins.

12. 208 Mind runes, 169 Chaos runes, 148 Bolt racks.

13. AHRIM HOOD, 74 Death runes, 41 Blood runes, 230 Coins, 35 Bolt racks.

14. AHRIM ROBETOP, 40 Blood runes, 318 Mind runes, 1506 Coins, 28 Bolt racks.

15. 78 Death runes, 81 Blood runes, 558 Coins, 594 Mind runes, 36 Bolt Racks.

16. 1364 Coins, 261 Mind Runes, 73 Bolt racks.

17. 74 Death runes, 40 Blood runes, 137 Chaos runes,1318 Coins, 264 Mind runes.

18. 18 Blood runes, 125 Chaos runes,619 Mind runes.

19. 72 Bolt racks, 120 Chaos runes,1194 Coins.

20. 86 Blood runes, 73 Bolt racks, 257 Chaos runes, 450 Coins.

21. 29 Blood runes, 39 Bolt racks, 267 Chaos runes, 1004 Coins.

22. 259 Death runes, 40 Blood runes, 39 Bolt racks.

23. 73 Death runes, 1090 Coins, 278 Mind runes.

24. 139 Chaos runes, 69 Death runes, 83 Blood runes, 500 Coins, 38 Bolt racks.

25. 37 Bolt racks, 2500 Coins, 200 Death runes, 50 Blood runes.

26. 81 Blood runes, 1530 Coins, Tooth half of a key, 320 Mind runes.

27. 76 Bolt racks, 246 Chaos runes, 566 Coins, 302 Mind runes.

28. 77 Death runes, 36 Bolt racks, 236 Chaos runes, 776 Coins, 595 Mind runes.

29. 81 Blood runes, 71 Death runes, 1166 Coins, 300 Mind runes.

30. 38 Blood runes, 71 Death runes, 114 Chaos runes, 1096 Coins.

31. 81 Blood runes, 1682 Coins, 75 Bolt racks.

32. 81 Death runes, 41 Blood runes, 654 Coins, 264 Mind runes, 117 Chaos runes, 37 Bolt racks.

33. 81 Death runes, 38 Blood runes, 294 Mind runes, 1166 Coins, 41 Bolt racks.

34. Tooth half of a key, 518 Mind runes, 260 Chaos runes, 158 Coins.

35. 78 Death runes, 39 Blood runes, 369 Chaos runes, 1028 Coins.

36.151 Death runes, 82 Blood runes, 127 Chaos runes, 724 Coins.

37. 75 Death runes, 256 Mind runes, 1918 Coins.

38. 40 Blood runes, 37 Bolt racks, 245 Chaos runes, 942 Coins.

39. 150 Death runes, 79 Blood runes, 128 Chaos runes, 216 Coins.






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first post!




nice blog, GL on 99 rc. youre over halfway there. id get it too but i dont have the time :cry:




anyways, check out my blog, and good luck!

~ 3,072nd to 99 Mining on August 30th, 2009 ~
~ 112,084th to 99 Magic on April 16th, 2011 ~

~ 131,681st to 99 Crafting on March 29, 2019 ~

~ 178,385th to 99 Prayer on April 2, 2019 ~

~ 234,921st to 99 Defence on May 9, 2019 ~

~ 173,480th to 99 Herblore on June 21, 2019 ~

~ 155,160th to 99 Smithing on July 16, 2019 ~

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Thanks for the reply Brandon.




I'm bored of RuneCraft so I'm going to waste my money on getting 99 Magic via Bursting Rock Lobsters. I picked Rock Lobsters as they are great Crimson Charm droppers. I have 40M to spend so I'm hoping it's enough to get me to 99 if not then I'm forced to go back to RuneCrafting. ^^

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I finally reached 2K total. Almost lost 15M twice at Rock Lobbies in the past few days now one time the Ring of Life saved me at 1 Hitpoint and the other time I died and against all odds someone logged in after I died and with 3 mintues untill my gravestone vanished he blessed it :D




I didn't even know the guy. :thumbsup:





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  • 7 months later...

I recently started playing RuneScape again after a long, long break. I never really got this thread going the first time round but will now be updating it a lot more often. With my new goals of 99 Fishing and Magic I am hoping for all your support. Hooefully I can meet a few people while using this as a blog.


Thanks :thumbsup:

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Thanks for the replies and good luck with fishing achoo. :thumbsup:


I ended up 200xp off 99 yesterday, however I had to wait for a random event so I could get a lamp. It took me a day to get a random and I thought I had been cursed. :ohnoes:


I finally got 99 Fishing on the 9th May 2010. :smile:




I also got a few more Dungeoneering from Tears of Guthix.






I am now stringing jewellery to 99 Magic with all that lovely money I made from fishing rocktails.

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Gratz on 99 fish :D

And gl on the road to 99 magii...one of my RS mates did it using string ammies, apparently it's the way to go?


[bleep] OFF HOW ARE U SO [bleep]ING LUCKY U PIECE OF [bleep]ING SHIT [bleep] [bleep] [wagon] MUNCHER



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Just one level left now. Hoping to get on Monday/Tuesday.




I also found a Magic tree that must of been planted before I quit and got this.




And finally, I wasn't too impressed with tears of guthix this week. I had just started and was on 13 when Rs decided to disconnect me. Nonetheless I got 16 Dungeoneering. :blink:

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Congrats on 99 Magic =D> ! What did you do for 1.2M exp?

Youtube user name: birdman258 200MCook 200mPrayer MakinWines MyF2pSkillers

Going for Level 99 Magic & Level 99 Smithing!!!

Going for 200M Woodcutting exp!!!!!!!

0346-0077-6360 Mario kart Wii

I hope that you are Reporting the Bots! Please Report Bots.

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Since I got 99 Magic I've been doing lots of quests. Some fun like While Guthix Sleeps and other horrible ones like MEP2 and Summers End. The goal was to finish WGS and spend the 400k xp reward on Mining.. so I did. :P


258ForLife, I was using String Jewelelry


Here's the screenies, put into a hide tag due to there being lots of them.




















Now I am 77 Mining, I have started to mine coals in LRC. I'm just going to mine until I get bored really, don't really have any aims at the moment. :)

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