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PVP Tips + Rate me and help me improve


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Ok im having a very hard time killing people and im having an even harder time staying alive in the wild where everyone can attack everyone I lost like 30K in 5 minutes and im starting to get frustrated. When I fight 1v1 I do good but the people always run back to a bank or whatever and I can't finish anyone.








Range 61


HP 50


att 20


str 21


magic 38


prayer 10 (was this a mistake?)


Def 3 (was this a mistake?)




I understand that most people switch to a Rune 2h but being a pure ranger or close to it) I don't know what to do......should I raise my str and attack? Should I raise my magic?? Should I just continue raising my Range? Im stuck in a little bit of a rutt and need some advice...Also if I become member will I still run into this problem??




Please help me out.

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You have 3def and you're angry about losing 30k (pennies anyway) in five minutes? Raise your def if you want to be a real pvper.




I pvp rarely these days, but when I do (and if it's bounty hunter) I'll run/tele from someone with obviously low def so as not to waste ep on them. If it's normal pvp I'll just finish them off.




Continue to raise range, but raise your def. No one likes a pure.

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10 prayer? You might as well get 43 since you started.




DON'T GET DEF UNLESS YOU WANT TO BE A TANK. Your attack strength and range are too low for it. My advice is to wait for 80+ range, 40 or 60+ attack and 70+ strength before you even consider it.




You fight runners? Bind them. Or walk deeper into the wilderness. You can''t "change" runners. All you can do is improve your own stats. You could get 50 mage to bind.



95/99 Summoning

95/99 Slayer


[hide=This is what you look like when you play RS too long]2vvq0z4.jpg[/hide]

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