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Jads Healers vs red chins?


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I recently got hacked and lost my firecape so i totaly dont remember how to do jad anymore, i usually end up dieing on healers.

Would using chinchompas work on luring all the healers?

And whats a good setup (money no object) for getting/killing jad


I am 92 range, 84 prayer, 99 defense, 99hp


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Technically, you could lure all the healers with chinchompas, but it would be no more effective than just shooting them all with a crossbow because they're too far apart for the chins to hit more than one at a time. Your setup should focus on range and prayer.


last time i lured them all and went behind the italy rock or w.e its called and when i finished and went back, jad hit me and i didnt even hear a sound


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Just stay by jad (watch his attacks) and attack all the healers so that they are on you, then just kill jad.


That is the way i did it to kill jad just 2days ago... I also used diamond (e) bolts.

Best of luck.






[spoiler=99's]99 strength achieved 5/27/09.

99 hitpoints achieved 9/30/09.(59,643)

99 attack achieved 11/08/09. (77,453)

99 defence achieved 1/31/10. (63,382)

99 range achieved ( sometime ago )




x15 whips

x53 d boots

x3 visages

x88 g mauls


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