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Okay so we originally had a fight with BK but they cancelled so we were a little disappointing and I came back from lunch to find |Jack begging me for a war! Of course I accepted a 45 minute prep and we began to mass. Our dutch unit had a fight and so did SE, so our pull was a little low but luckily T0 pulled the same so we didn't have to drop. The start was 19 v 19, unfortunately this is the closest picture I can get.


user posted image


Right after we killed our first pile^


T0 piled Marquoth1 first who tanked pretty well getting us off to an early lead. We were pretty even for the first part of the war trading off kills, until we got off to a 13 v 11 lead I believe with some nice tanking from our side and a good mix of melee and rangers. At this point, t0 killed their pile and Tizi90 dced evening it up at 11 v 11. With some nice leading from B L U D D, we got our control back killing t0's rangers while keeping our own so we only had to tank melee. We kept at it and made it 6 v 2, the last two managed to kill B L U D D, who was at 15 hp sad.gif





Thanks to t0 for the fight and special shoutouts to:



Abkb- For coming to our fight instead of SE then getting raged by Lovelost


Ninane and Chris - For having a fight in Ventrillo beforehand to get everyone pumped!



Note*i wanna ask the mods why the other topic got deleted i mean..i will be like ok if they locked it but why delete?since when you guys started to delete so many thread?

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Generaldesor, you sir are an idiot. CK you too for believing him. Close/delete topic please.

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