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  1. I think there's potential to create a smaller version for smaller RSB clans as sadly the RSC clans have moved on from here. Good luck.
  2. Pretty much all of the clanning traffic now goes through Zybez, except for pure clanning, however the decline on Tip.It can only really be blamed on the decline of the clan world. Hi btw!
  3. Nope my clan is CWA because it shows better performance and there's always a guaranteed winner. Having more people logged into a world of RuneScape shouldn't determine a win especially if those people had been outperformed K/D wise and CWA perfectly combines the 2 to guarantee a worthy winner, rather than the clan community decide through sometimes false propaganda.
  4. This is why my clan is a CWA clan. Everybody sticks to the rules and a clear winner is always determined. :thumbup:
  5. Silent Ember -V- Octane After seeing Octane pull around the 30 mark for a few fights we decided to set up a prepped fight with them. Rules 2 Rounds of CWA: Matched Opts: Classic Map - Center Bounds, All Styles, Dungeoneering Items allowed, No Sniping, North Attacks. [*]Matched Opts: Classic Map - Center Bounds, All Styles, Dungeoneering Items allowed, No Sniping, North Attacks. Round 1 Silent Ember Starting: 38 (dropped to 20) Octane Starting: 20 I warred for Octane this Round so SE could drop less, and it was fair to say SE dominated. Octane's binds slacked and SE ended Round 1 with a strong ending. Silent Ember Ending: 17 Octane Ending: 0 Round 2 Silent Ember Starting: 36 (dropped to 18) Octane Starting: 18 This Round Octane and SE both started well, however with better KO power SE once again made a lead and stretched it out to end strongly. Silent Ember Ending: 15 Octane Ending: 0 Silent Ember -V- RuneScape Dinasty Due to having a huge pull, we asked RSD for a short-prep, which RSD gladly accepted. Rules 2 Rounds of CWA: 30 Minute CWRI: Turrets, All Styles, Dungeoneering Items allowed, Rush On Sight. [*]Matched Opts: Classic Map - Center Bounds, All Styles, Dungeoneering Items allowed, No Sniping, North Attacks. Round 1 Silent Ember Starting: 34 RuneScape Dinasty Starting: 38 RSD started off really well, and they took an early lead with the score at 14-22. However, despite being outnumbered by 8+ people at times we stepped up and closed the gap slowly. At the 70 kill mark we drew level and with some fantastic calling by Tika191 combined with some good tanking we opened up a 5 kill lead at 77-72. RSD did really well and brought it back and made the last few minutes intense, but we recovered and kept the lead until the end outnumbered. Silent Ember Ending Kills: 98 RuneScape Dinasty Ending Kills: 96 Round 2 Silent Ember Starting: 40 RuneScape Dinasty Starting: 47 (dropped to 40) RSD dropped and rushed in, and took an early 2 kill lead at the start. At the 30v30 mark we started to pull it back and with good tanking we took the lead and were comfortable at 21-19 with myself tanking. However a few of our members were low on food, and RSD capitalized, doing great bringing it back and having better styles at the end of the fight. At 8-9 we decided to leave the portal due to RSD having better styles and we had 4 people on low food. Grats RSD. Silent Ember Ending: 0 RuneScape Dinasty Ending: 9 RSD feel free to PM me a pic, I'll edit it in. Shoutouts Octane for the clean fights, hopefully we can rematch when you guys pull more. RSD for accepting a war with such a short-prep, really appreciated - thank you. Tika191 for superb calling. Mystical for having a bowlcut! Silent Ember - brilliant activity, Corruption tomorrow! Thanks for the fun tonight Octane and RSD! - Jack
  6. True Ownage -V- Legends Never Die We were looking for a Short-Prep, and found out LND were also. Nykimu got in contact with Phil to set up a 4 Hour Prep war. Rules 2 Rounds of CWA: 30 Min CWRI: Classic Map - Center Bounds, All Styles, Dungeoneering Items allowed, No Sniping, Attack on Sight. [*]Matched Opts: Classic Map - Center Bounds, All Styles, Dungeoneering Items allowed, No Sniping, North Attacks. Round 1 True Ownage Starting: 23 Legends Never Die Starting: 21 We had a few problems 15 minutes into mass as Nykimu posted the wrong time on our forums, but we gained to 23 thankfully and got the war started. We really dominated from the start, with superb styles and some solid tanking. We quickly opened up a 10 kill gap within 7 minutes after some fantastic transitions and binds. We gained to 25 on TeamSpeak and LND could no longer live with our sublime KO power, and left with 10~ minutes to go. True Ownage Ending Kills: 64 Legends Never Die Ending Kills: 17 Round 2 True Ownage Starting: 26 (dropped to 19) Legends Never Die Starting: 19 We started off even, with both of the first piles dropping at around the same time. But we stepped it up with amazing style switching combined with cracking tanks. This meant we were able to end very strongly. True Ownage Ending: 16 Legends Never Die Ending: 0 Shoutouts LND for the shortprep. True Ownage for great performances, both Rounds Warria06 for once again displaying his amazing arithmetic skills. Nykimu for not knowing how to tell the time (and for great leading)! Cheers for the short prep LND, always enjoy fighting you guys. Thanks for the clean fights. - Jack
  7. Nicely done Poison, keep it up!
  8. TPR's was great, I feel my clan's media is pretty solid too aswell as EoS'.
  9. It depends on what kind of authority the one individual has. If they're a high-ranked official then definitely yes - however if they're a member or an FA then I don't think the whole clan would be altered, but instead a few people.
  10. Remember you from DH! Welcome back I guess! And welcome FOP to Tip.It. :P
  11. Happy Birthday! 6 years is a great achievement, good luck for another 6!
  12. 2 Years of True Ownage! For those who don't know us, True Ownage is a small CWA-based clan which was opened on 11th August 2009, and today we celebrate our 2nd Birthday. Our clan goals are to have fun, make friendship, fight with honour and respect and to also achieve victory. I don't want to waffle about my clan all day, so if you'd like to know anything more about us then feel free to join our IRC Channel (#t0 @ SwiftIRC). So today we celebrate our 2nd Birthday, to what has been a rough and turbulent year which has equally been very rewarding in my eyes. At times this year we were struggling, pulling 15 people to prepped wars. We've had High Ranks step down, or leave, but thankfully Warria06 and I each found time to come back and pour energy into the clan which helped keep us strong and make us stronger. However the rewarding part for us is we can take pride in how we war, and how we're able to perform. Over the past year we've fought and beat some of the Top CWA Clans/Teams there is for us to fight; Dutch Generation, Clan Europe, Silent Ember to name a few. We can take pride in the fact people respect us because of our clan motiv's, we can take pride in how we've stuck together and created one of the most heart-warming communities there is in the clan world, whilst we've all made friendships that have potential to last a lifetime. We've come a long way, from becoming #1 on the TWR, to getting to the latter stages of the RSC 'CJ' Tournament (20v20) and being knocked out by our new-loved allies Dutch Generation, and going from having a 117 F2P Combat Average to now having a 124 F2P Combat Average. And there's still so much to achieve! It's been an amazing year overall, and although there will be Shoutouts to people at the bottom I'd just like to say thank you to all the current True Ownage members and all the former True Ownage members for helping to create this clan and make it what it is. :wub: Some pictures for people who're interested in seeing them: Our First Ever War: 1st Anniversary Party: True Ownage 2010 Halloween Party (caution - large image): Early 2011 Warring: True Ownage GWD: True Generation (TO + DG) v Sorrow of Knights - PVP: More PVP: Outnumbered but never outgunned: And our most recent Jagex Cup 20v20 wars against Rune Raiders (97% of the active memberlist pulled) and TRWF respectively: I could upload so many more pictures but I'll leave it here for now as there's a few shoutouts I'd like to give. Shoutouts True Ownage Staff for being some of the most dedicated Staff I've ever seen or heard of, I'm proud of you! Both current and former members of True Ownage, we wouldn't be here without you. A clan who's always looked out for us and cheered us on, known as Downfall. We may not 'officially' be allies but the friendship between our clans will always be there! Dutch Generation for becoming amazing allies, we love teaming with you and we hope it can continue long into the future! Everyone who has been rooting from us from the sidelines, too many names to possibly make a list with but we appreciate every bit of your support. Looking forward to the upcoming year! Enjoy today TO. :wub: - Jack
  13. Well deserved, grats Kevin <3:
  14. Rules 1 Round of CWA: Jagex Cup - 20v20 Matched: Classic Map - Center Bounds, All Styles, Dungeoneering Items disallowed, No Sniping, North Attacks, FoG items and Explorer Rings allowed The War True Ownage Starting: 33 (dropped to 20) Rune Raiders Starting: 29 (dropped to 20 - had a DC as we rushed in) We were pumped by seeing what RR thought of us, and we were able to pull 97% of our memberlist (not including 4 members currently on vacation). We didn't want to flame RR back, or troll them in any way. We were simply focused on winning the war convincingly and got set to work. As we rushed in RR had a DC, and we got a KO so we had an immediate 2 man advantage. RR were somewhat able to stay with us for the first few kills as Warria06 couldn't talk into his mic properly ( :lol: ), and I picked it up and eventually the score got to 16-12 where RR hunted down Dat Teabag, killed him and then didn't get another pile. It's a shame you underestimated us so badly, but you got what you deserved for doing so. DC or no DC, it wouldn't have changed the outcome of today's fight. Thanks for the fight. True Ownage Ending: 15 Rune Raiders Ending: 0 For BurnleyUK (aka ```Se_Burns```) Shoutouts Warria06 for going quiet after the first pile! Everybody who predicted we'd lose! True Ownage for our best pull this year! Rune Raiders for the fight and to the few who thought we were bad and underestimated us. Good luck in the future RR, and good luck to whoever we get in Round 2.
  15. Good stuff TRWF, solid opts and K/D. Keep it up!
  16. Combat Cup Way of War vs. The Hicks LORDS VII vs. Crimson Raiders Austrailian Army vs. The Dark Syndicates The F2P Way vs. RuneScape Dinasty Runite Knights of Finland vs. Forces of Poland 'The' Clan vs. Divine Forces Violent Resolution vs. Espartan The Knights of Order vs. Titans Revolution Alpha Skills Core vs. The Brazilian Kings Golden Elites vs. Poison Reign of Terror vs. Ascension The Titans vs. The Gladiatorz The Call of Legends vs. Chivalry Legions Forsaken vs. Rogue Ninja Civilization Sorrow of Knights vs. Bacon Infinity Neitiznot & Jatizso POC vs. Brutality United Skillers vs. Rune Raiders Temple Angel Knights vs. Rogues Legion Pure Hatred vs. Legendz Final Ownage Elite vs. Devil's Rejects Singapore vs. Red Blade Hunters Mephistopheles vs. Elite Assassins Wilderland Luso Brazilian Clan vs. Northern Allies The Legend of Zelda vs. SST TheDark Knights vs. True Ownage - TDK are a pure clan with Level 40's and 21 members, I'm thinking they may have been entered as part of a troll. If not then I genuinely wish them luck.. Dragonwood vs. Eternal Brethren Bloodlines vs. Apocalypse Slayers Natural Born Killers vs. Shadows Bane Lords of Death vs. Monocromatic Brazil White Knights of W31 vs. Goldr Titans The Rising vs. Downfall 20v20 Ancient Fury vs. Thunder in the Sky Ascension vs. Metal Massive Attack Bigger Pkers vs. Red Blade Hunters Cheer Up vs. Forsaken Crimson Raiders vs. Clan Envy The Titans vs. Monocromatic Brazil Cerulean Xeric vs. Elite Assassins Wilderland Luso Brazilian Clan vs. The Knights of Order Chivalry Legions vs. Downfall Pure Hatred vs. Austrailian Army Kirstunael vs. Sorrow of Knights Natural Born Killers vs. Wicked Fury Corrupted Vengeance vs. The Rising The RuneScape Warhungers Federation vs. The' Clan Dragonwood vs. Dutch Generation True 0wnage vs. Rune Raiders - Good luck RR.
  17. Thanks for the fights DF, didn't appreciate the sniping.
  18. TO will be entering the 20v20, but realistically it'll be between Fools/NG. Full out I expect RSD to win, but you never know the surprises this Cup throws up.
  19. Grats SoF, good effort DG hope to hear more from you.
  20. Jack

    CR vs TBK

    Great job CR, was there ACing.
  21. Wasn't there, looked like we did well.
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