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Trevor's Goals Log

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Well lets see... I've been playing RS for too long. I started out somewhere back in 2004, and began clanning a few months after. I am currently in my senior year of high school, and (if you haven't already guessed) my first name is Trevor.


I played varsity soccer for my high school for all four years, although unfortunately that has come to an end. :(


On runescape I've always enjoyed the combat aspect of the game. I maxed my melee stats near the beginning of last year (Video) and got 99 range in October of this year. I've also achieved 85 slayer and most recently 90 Prayer. I am currently working on 99 Mage and 93 Slayer, both of which I plan on pursuing over the next few months.


I have been making graphics for a couple years now. I use a program called Gimp because I'm too cheap to buy photoshop :P Some examples of my work can be found below:




Those aren't really that recent, if you'd like to see more recent stuff send me a send_pm_small.png Private Message[/url].



{:: My Twin ::}


Me and Sean met in al karid (He was cooking I was smithing) back when we were noobs

and have been friends for 4 or 5 years now. Last month, in order to cause confusion in our clan fights we changed our display names to PullOutRange and Pull0utRange. Within the month we both obtained 125+11 (125/136) Combat. I felt this was worth mentioning, because our stats are so close it makes me lol. :P


Me (PullOutRange)



Sean (Pull0utRange)



The two of us will be getting 99 Mage on each other sometime within the next few days :D


{:: Basic Stuff ::}

Name: Trevor

Rsn: PullOutRange

Irc Channels (On Swift.Irc): #Clan_Legacy, #Trev

Clan Chat: If I'm in one, it's usually either Airforceowns or Pulloutrange (my own)

Homeworld: World 88 although I often have to hop for slayer, god wars or various other reasons :(


My Private Chat is usually set to friends or off, so if you wanna get in touch with me stop by #Trev or #Clan_Legacy on swift.irc, come hang out in Airforceowns clan chat or send me a send_pm_small.png Private Message[/url] and I'll add you on runescape.




Clan Name - Highest Rank(s) held - Duration - Summary


United Freedom Fighters - Moderator - 4 months-ish - They had no requirements and I was ready to step my clanning up a notch.


Silent Strike (v1) - Founder/Leader/Coleader/High Council - 1-1.5 Years - After leaving UFF, I set out to start up my own clan - one with combat requirements. SS was mostly pk based, we pk'd often and were usually fairly successful. I met a lot of my long time friends in SS, many of whom have retired since then. Eventually, our forums were hacked, the clan closed and was later reopened. The second time around, SS began to slowly decline. Disagreements and miscommunications among officials led to a split in the clan. A good amount of us left for AoM.


Switchblade - Leader/Founder - 4-5 Months - My Main was hacked in 2007 and I began playing on pures for awhile. After that grew old, with nothing left but a lvl 92 converted barrows pure, I decided to try my luck leading a lower requirement clan. Thus the 70+ Switchblade was born. We were an epic miniwarring clan finishing with 20 something wins, 1 draw and 1 loss. I gained a ton of rune from Sb, but after the wildy was removed I failed to see the point of Runescape and retired for awhile.


True Supremacy - Member - 3 Months - Strikecobra1 had been like a mentor to me while I led Switchblade. I watched and followed his example hoping to make my clan much like his. When I came back to runescape, with Switchblade closed, I decided to join True Supremacy, Strike's clan.


The Creed - Warlord/Elite Member - 1 Month - The Creed was pretty fun for awhile, but soon my silent strike friends slowly began to start playing runescape again. Silent Strike was reopened, eventually changing its name (it was a merge of two closed clans I suppose) to Elite Order.


Elite Order - Recruitment Manager - 6 months - EO was great, I stepped up my game early, proving to be deserving of a staff position. I had a lot of great times in EO, however eventually due to real life reasons, I became inactive on Runescape. Although I was inactive and had stepped down from my position, I attempted to help in whatever ways I could and inevitably stuck with EO until it closed.


Eclipse (v2) - Event Manager/Elite Member - 6 months - Enjoyed it for its rock solid community. Eclipse was one of the greatest communities I have ever been a part of. I retired due to inactivity, and later rejoined for a few months, but near its end the community destroyed itself and I couldn't be apart of it any longer. Eclipse closed shortly after.


Genesis Knights - Member - 4 Months - Gk was quite the step up from my previous clans. I went from clans that fought in 20v20 miniwars to a clan that was consistently pulling 150+ opts and fighting for hours upon hours in Pvp Pkri's. Gk was great because I finally got a chance to step back into a familiar situation - I could fight in the wilderness again. It was fun while it lasted, However, when school started I was too busy for daily pkri's and had to resign.


Legacy (Current) - Application Manager - 3 Months Going Strong - Having a blast here. Love the community and the warring isn't too bad either. I'm looking forward to seeing how far our potential will take us in the next few months. If you're at all curious about Clan Legacy, feel free to send me a send_pm_small.png Private Message.



{:: Current Goals ::}


[ 99 Magic ]

I had wanted 99 Magic for awhile, and after finishing While Guthix Sleeps and getting 90 Prayer I began barraging rock lobs and quickly made my way to 98 Mage. From 98 to 99 I fire surged slayer tasks with a hexcrest. Finally on February 18, 2009 I had obtained 99 Magic!







[ 93 Slayer ]


Alright, well since my short term goals have started to wrap themselves up, I've decided to find something long term. With the recent update (And the fact that Slayer is the skill of the month) I've chosen Slayer. I plan to shoot for 93 for now, If i'm not worn out with the skill by then I may keep going.







The Set Up:




Basically I'll be doing just about every task in this gear. I also have a cannon for some tasks (I don't use it on many, Dags and Kalphites come to mind.)


Loot Pictures:


Basically, I sell my slayer drops usually once or twice a week. When I do i'll pc them and post here. I may also post and other random drops I receive from Arma/Sara ect.





Life for you, has been less than kind

So take a number, stand in line

We've all been sorry, we've all been hurt

But how we survive, is what makes us who we are



Looking for an active 107+ Warring/Pkri Clan? Begin your Legacy Today

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^Screenshot Kinda failed L we didn't level until our 2nd or 3rd air strike so everyone spammed at different time LUL








And last but not least a pc of my drops from the last 3 or 4 days (I sold all but the hex and focus in ge)



Life for you, has been less than kind

So take a number, stand in line

We've all been sorry, we've all been hurt

But how we survive, is what makes us who we are



Looking for an active 107+ Warring/Pkri Clan? Begin your Legacy Today

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