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  1. Awesome job on 4k chompy kills! I always wanted to get that, I like the little hats. :P Never had the patience with the bellows and whatnot though. :/
  2. 179 days played. Not sure really how many hours per week, it varies. I'd have to say about 20 hours a week.
  3. Well back in 2006-2007 I used to be a pure, and Ice and Spec came from me being a mage/range pure. So, Ice = Ice blitz/barrage and Spec = Mage shortbow special attack (:
  4. I've played around 15-18 hours a few times, with breaks (bathroom, making food, getting drinks, etc.)
  5. Good luck with you DIY account and blog! ^_^ I think EOC ruined combat too, feels to much like other MMOs with all the hotkeys and such, but oh well. Have fun! :)
  6. This guide was made over 5 years ago. :'( Still an awesome guide! I still love Barrows, miss doing Barrows runs with you J35. haha good times!
  7. Really loved this blog back in the day! Glad to see you're back! :D
  8. Getting so close to maxed! Awesome work man. You've come so far since we met forever ago. Miss chatting with you. Chicken PK pl0x? :D
  9. Awesome account, wish I could do this. Maybe one day. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!
  10. Awesome guide, I just started doing Slayer with Range since I maxed melees and would love to see this guide all updated and such, good luck. :)
  11. Yeah haha, i keep playing and then going away for a little bit from school/work/xbox. :P I'll add you for sure man, we haven't talked in forever!
  12. Haven't done much since the last update except continuing my journey to 90 prayer. :) 85 Prayer 86 Prayer 88 Prayer 89 Prayer 90 SOON :D
  13. Selling my blue mask when I had bought it for 31M.. -_-
  14. Getting 90 Prayer! :D 80 Prayer 81 Prayer 82 Prayer 84 Prayer No idea where the 83 screenshot went. o.O ALSO, I'm back. (: ALSOALSO
  15. What's happened, what're the big updated of the past 2-3 months. Just major things. Why are whips so cheap :o is there a new weapon that's replaced it? I've seen the new boots, also a new barrows brother and spell? Just point out the major things if someone doesn't mind. :) Thanks. <3
  16. Which one of these would be the fastest skill to get to level 99 without spending over 100m?
  17. Did Waterfall and Fight Arena quests today, also got 50 crafting. :) [hide=50 Crafting] [/hide]
  18. Well I just started a pure account and decided to make a blog to keep track of my goals and whatnot, maybe get some support, who knows. Anyways, lets get on with it! Stats: Item Goals: -Robin Hat -Ranger Boots -Wizard Boots -Amulet of Fury -Master Wand -Mage's Book -Arcane Stream -Chaotic Crossbow -Zamorak Halo Stat Goals: (Just to start off) Attack: 36/50 Strength: 30/50 Magic: 37/65 Range: 10/65 Prayer: 1/11 -LONG-TERM- Herblore:1/70
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