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Although I don't really have an opinion on the doors, (they don't really bother me that I sometimes have to open them), I have a problem with a lot of the posts on this thread.


Did you guys even read what he said? He isn't complaining about the lack of realism in closing doors.. He's complaining how there is NO realism in many things, skipping dialouge to make our game quicker and smoother. Yet there is PLENTY of realism in the doors closing, and us having to open them to get through. His point is, why is this inconvenience there, when it has been removed in so many other places? SACRIFICING realism in those places. Read and understand the post before you reply.


I still don't give a darn about whether or not the doors stay open or close on their own, so please don't attack my door belief's. And for heavens sake, READ my post before you reply to it. Thank you and good day.


Thank you :)


I don't post here much anymore because I got sick of arguing with internet savants and high-postcount trolls that this forum alone seems to have a tendency to attract constantly. They come and go and there is a new one every time I try to make a point, I've seen it all.


Furthermore, I forgot to add fatigue! Another example of how there are plenty of attempts to implement realistic effects.

Metal fans, check out my band!


Still the King....

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Regarding doors, if you run fast enough you can actually run "through" the door, ignoring its closed state. This has happened to me numerous times while cabbage-porting.


Also, if you are ranting about door-shutters, the door gets stuck open after a while, so no need to worry about that.


And how coincidental, I created a rant about people who close doors for no reason a few weeks back. I still think those people are just pointless.


Just be thankful that newbie gates automatically open for you... most unnecessary thing ever.


Not true.


Some animations, such as the Cabbage Port or Penguin Spying, do not restrict you from moving. They do, however, delay moving until the animation is over. Thus, while you are performing the animation, you are technically travelling through space. So if you click somewhere while the animation is still going, you are moving toward that space, even though you are not actually moving. Therefore, once the animation ends, your character must physically catch up to the square it is supposed to be in, hence they you experience a period of fast running.


So by clicking fast, you cannot pass through a closed door. You are simply already past the door, and what you physically see must catch up with where the server is telling it to be.

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