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2 Month Hiatus


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Well I have come back, tentatively, from not playing for about 65-70 days (around 2 months) and probably even longer since I've posted here...


I have read a few of the RS updates like the new slayer thing?.. I think it is like wyrms or something like that.


Can anyone give me a heads up on whats new? Anything new and worth doing?

I saw they put in a new Distractions and Diversions, is that worth doing?

Is there anything I haven't read about that is worthwhile like the additions to hunter and slayer?


Things like that, what exactly have I missed out on.


Also, is there any news on a new skill coming out this year or whenever?


Thanks for your time ladies and gents.

Apparently, my signature was to big.

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"i've been away update me" threads are always a load of fun


we got a DND called familiarization

40 minutes of 3x charm drops once a week after you complete a short 5-10 minute minigame


new skill is set to release vaguely in the middle of the year (so like 4 months from now?)


we got a giant piece of land east of the wilderness. Lots of speculation on what it might be, nobody is sure

related to this piece of land was a "strange power emote" that hit a month before. everybody in RS performed an emote simultaneously where they were "overwhelmed by a strange power"

the source of the strange power is that piece of land


lots of content Q/A's recently.

F2P bosses, high lvl dungeons, small construction update, and smithing update confirmed for the future amongst other things


puro puro update most recently, new impling jars, and more xp for catching them, and no need for butterfly nets to catch them out of puro puro


dark bows are going to become recolorable

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To add to what Morionic said,


The release of the Penence horn as well as the Master penence horn which gives 2x xp to certain skills when it is full and you weild it. You can fill the horn by playing Barb assault waves and once its full you just weild the horn and use it with ur chosen skill to recieve the 2x xp for as long as the horn has energy left in it.


The Abyssal Whip was also upgraded and has a "color change" when you have 50 points in any role of barb assault you can change your whip to Green,Blue,Yellow, and White.


The Release of the newest Slayer Monsters was also updated. The Jungle Strykewyrm (lvl 73 slayer), Desert Strykewyrm ( lvl 77 slayer required) and the Ice Strykewyrm (lvl 93 slayer required) were added to the slayer monster list. In order to kill these new monster however you need to have them as a task.


Three new items were released as drops to from the Strykewyrms as well.


Forcus Sight: Dropped by. Desert Strykewyrm. Bonus: Range bonus when used on your slayer task.


Hexcrest: Dropped by. Jungle Strykewyrm. Bonus: Mage bonus when used on your slayer task.


Staff of Light: Dropped by: Ice Strykewyrm. Bonus: Has a chance to only use 1/4 of the runes required for your chosen spell. If combined with the Combat Rbes from Fist of Guthix Minigame has a chance to only use 1/2 of the runes.


*note* Fire Spells inflict very high amounts of damage to the Ice Strykewyrms when your killing them.

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