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Concept Art and Dragons


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Sort of a shop and sort of a 'I had this awesome idea, can you draw it for me' type of thing.


What I draw:




-Monsters (not so much though)



I would consider that I draw in two main styles: RuneScape-like and Dungeons & Dragons-like. RS style is more cartoony, less detailed and more for concept arts for RS suggestions and that sort of thing. D&D style is more lifelike, and ranges in detail from a little to a heck of a lot. More for representation of a RP character or OC. I generally do not draw humans, the exception is if you request a full set of clothing/armor.


If you have an idea that I like I'll probably draw it, same goes if you have a RS suggestion that requires a number of themed objects.


To request concept art please use this form; omit or add things as needed:

Link to Suggestion Thread (TIF Only): 
Description of Request:
Color Scheme:
Special Requirements:

Example Filled out Form:

Theme: Ice Dragon Weapons

Link to Suggestion Thread (TIF Only): whatever link it is

Description of Request: I need weapons that surround the theme of a white ice-type dragon in the RuneScape style

Color Scheme: White, ice blue, gray

Special Requirements: Start with scimitar, longsword, and dagger please. I may need armor and shields eventually.


References for special armor/items based off existing items in various games are useful as well. I am not a RS member, so if you reference a members' item, please link to the entry in the Tip.it database.


For dragons I would like a reference picture:

Link to Ref:
Color Scheme or Sketch:

Example Filled out Form:

Type: Blue

From: D&D (or WoW or RS, just tell me the franchise!)

Link to Ref: http://www.wizards.com/dnd/images/MM35_gallery/MM35_PG72.jpg

Color Scheme or Sketch: Sketch or Blue/Yellow as shown.



I reserve the right to request more information and references for the objects before I begin, and to not do requests if I so choose.


Previous work references:

Blue Dragon Adult

Ash Armor

Chuck Taylor Study

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