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Addy/Mith Bolts


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Looking at his stats, it seems like Fletching would make sense.


If you keep 100% concentration, a good average is about 60k bolts per hour. So with Addy - 420k xp/hr, and Mith - 300k xp/hr. However, it can be done faster, especially with things like mousekeys. Or the rate of clicking/moving your cursor. I've managed up to about 600k xp/hr with Addy, but only timed it for a short period.


I'm not familiar with how much it costs at the moment...


However, using RsWiki Fletching Calculator, it's -1.71 gp/xp with Addy, and -1.4 gp/xp with Mith.



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In case you forget, 7 xp PER ADDY BOLT (not set), so 8m xp = 1.14M bolts.

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