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effective summoning training


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For the bonus xp weekend i plan to train summoning. I want to get from lvl 52 to 70 which is about 2500 crimsons (estimated, i have worked it out but dont have the calcs with me). Id also use my 200 plus green charms aswell . With the bonus xp i worked out i could possibly reach 76 summoning. However with the reduction of xp bonus i need to spread my training over the 2 days and be effective in my training. How fast can i make a run and which obalisk should i use? Ill buy all items in addvance such as spirit shards. I basically want to know the best rates i can expect per hour. I dont mind extra expences since this weekend is kinda special as it is. Thanks :)

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Kyatt(sp?) to pisc obelisk then cwar duelring tele is the most effective I've heard with bladewings value roughly holding true.





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Kyatt wins. Make a few now (if your hunter allows you to catch kyatts for fur) and either make or buy dueling rings.



The kyatt will teleport you VERY close to a summoning obby & the dueling ring teleports to the 1clock bank @ castle wars. Blazing fast exp.

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