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  1. had to leave early but it was a ton of fun while i was there and i hope to go to more bosses in da future :D ones i can make :D
  2. QBD is pretty much back to where it was. Can't speak to KK. Yeah i even got a few sub 2 minute qbd kills. Exciting.
  3. QBD & KK easier to hit? Not going to hold my breath on anything substantial there :(
  4. I for one enjoy eoc combat vs traditional It wasnt fun clicking on a boss mob and alt tabbing.
  5. [spoiler=people are having way too much fun]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XMXgHfHxKVM http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wLImJOIl2D8[/url] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zvq0RaaMck8[/url][/url] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AC2okqCGMg4[/url]
  6. Not to put myself or my generation on a high horse but what kids 19 now have experienced is quite different from when I was 19. They don't appreciate Limp Bizkit and KoRn. They're barely old enough to have experienced pokemon in its prime. I can't list specific differences, and maybe there's some geographical dimensions to it too, but it seems the up-coming generations are much screwier than the last. And the pattern continues. Thats a bit bias, I guess I put myself in between your age and 19 so I experienced a bit of both worlds. I hate KoRn. Awful music imho. :P The principle is correct though. The newer generation will never understand why you enjoy X so much because right now Y is all the craze. Like how I dont understand how people like Justin Beinbs but he will make more in a week than I will ever in a year. Crazy stuff.
  7. [spoiler=99 str] [spoiler=My friend] You were one of my favorites, my friend. I promise I will avenge you.
  8. Indeed. Well at least they're still the best melee weapons out there. I think a small buff like +300-400 accuracy but nothing more
  9. drygore rebuffs where I think they are the only things to actually come out worse than before.
  10. I'd say if a girl cheats then she's not happy/their relationship isn't serious/it isn't healthy, so it's not really a prerequisite as much as something you find out if you don't get a drink thrown in your face (does anyone do that? just thinking about it hurts my wallet).
  11. Dont tell anon it cant be done. They find a way. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wLImJOIl2D8
  12. You really cant be so sure of it. But tot hem playing runescape is how they socialize and thats how they met each other, their rationality makes sense to them. While I neither agree or disagree or condone of their actions I guess whatever makes them happy right? But setting goals like that just sets you up for dissapointment. Especially if they never have met in real life or skyped or called or even texted. How do they even know what each other looks like? What if they arnt the gender they say they are? I'm just glad I know my girlfriend in real life (we go to the same school) but we do play a lot of games together (mainly Diablo 3) tl;dr for the tiny one paragraph mindless rambling; its hard to understand people rationality and perspective when you are on the outside, as far fetched as their beliefes souns.
  13. I was dating a girl who had a half shaved head. She pulled it off well. Full shaved would be interesting. I'm glad my current girlfriend's wild side isnt in hair stypes ;P
  14. Yeah definitely. Those principles bring success to all areas of life. You should check out Brent Smith on Youtube. Lots of great thoughts on abundance, carefreeness, happiness, etc. And automatically because you disagree with her you are an [wagon] and insensetive.
  15. You have no idea how much I struggled doing that. I must have filtered something wrong. And now that I've read the context around that post, yikes. I was such a naive idiot back then haha. First week of college and I'm "girlfriend hunting" ? What the hell was wrong with me? You were right to blow up on me Omar hahaha Here in the wilds of Suberbia, we watch the RpgGamer, who has set up his ambush spot, and is lying in wait. This hunter is a mean fellow, and blimey he has to be to hunt something as wild and as foreign as the species of girlfriend. The days hot and the nights cold, it is a battle of both wits and endurence for both species in this life or death struggle. While RpgGamer chooses to best it alone, many will notice the wild girlfriend of Suberbia tend to travel in groups, usually in 3 or more. While it is not uncommon to see a single long wild girlfriend, they usually stay in a pack, as it is well know that strength lies in numbers. A commotion is heart upstreet, and 2 wild girlfriends are seen walking down the street. Already the hunter, RpgGamer has set himself into a low, pronelike state as to not be seen from behind the bush. Flawless timing is needed if he is to suceed. Patience as well. Slowly the girlfriends make their way towards the trap RpgGamer has set. Suddenly, the girlfriends stop, showing signs of fright. From a tree not far from out lone hunter, another hunter leaps down with a wild screech and gives chase. In a flash the chase is on, and the hunter, bearing down upon the 2, is within striking distance. As close as he is to victory however, one of the girlfriends pulls out a small bottle and uses a defensive option available that is commonly seen, the pepper spray. The hunter screeches, falls to the ground, and manages to limp away after a few swift kicks. RpgGamer slinks away, another hunter having ruined his chances, and will have to return to hunt another day, leaving once again empty handed.
  16. I_am_Geed


    It could be worse, I am unfamiliar with how hard police crack down on speeding outside of the USA Its hit or miss here in the USA. It depends on how good of a mood the police officer is in. The one who pulled me over had someone pee in his cheerios that morning I think. I was hardly going 70mph :?
  17. I agree with. Why bother with those who are giving you a hard time over your own personal interests? Drop him and if you feel that strongly about said woman go for it.
  18. I_am_Geed


    I went to court last week to dispute mine. Officer told me I was going 97 in a 55. Lmao. Judge was like "yeah I dont believe this" and the case got dropped. Felt good man.
  19. Since it got removed from "things that annoy the hell out of you" understandably. I still find it funny.
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