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FLETCHING guide/journal


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What's up guys? Coolcatmatt here going down the long road to 99 fletching. Alright alright i have a little bit of a head start with 10m and 75 fletching but that's the easy part. The hard part you ask? Lets see here, the hard part would have to be the grueling 200 hours (estimate) it takes to get to 99 fletching and the strenous; clicking, looking, watching tv, looking (lather rinse repeat). But you know, I thought to myself, while I do this I'm going to set a goal for my self. How about getting to 99 fletching with in a month? Eh, too easy I thought so I lowered my time, jurastically i might add, and came up with "get to 99 in 10 days AND make money". 10 days to advance 24 levels! I thought to myself I couldn't do it but i sought out the drive inside me to try and write about it while i look click and look again. Along with that goal I figured I'd help a few of you common Runescape players along the way. And this is how I got here to the site that provided me with help 3/4 of the way to where I am now's forums. The mighty and all-powerful tip.it. Its such a simple name for such big help it provides, and to broaden this help I'm going to help you common Runescape players a guide to getting that awesome cape that everyone will oo and ahh at. Good luck you guys, I hope this guide is helpful and my entries brighten your day.



PART I (1 - 70)


Heres the deal. You need money, and you need patience. Money and patience, sounds fun right? Not exactly, but the reward is well worth it. I'm gonna give you guys a basic list of what you will need.


a knife, money (not that much if you aren't going all the way to 99), and focus


-OK, 1 - 5 is simple, chop/buy 80 regular logs (if you are buying this will be 4000gp)

--Out of these 80 logs you will craft arrow shafts, once all are crafted you will be at 5 fletching. Congradulations you are .02% of the way there.


-Once at level 5 fletching, you begin crafting bows, shortbows to be exact. 77 unstrung shortbow to be even more exact, so grab that knife, buy 77 more regular logs (3850gp) and start making those shortbows.

--77 logs down, you are now level 10, way to go.


-Now you've got your longbows, it'll take 332 of these babies to get you to those XP fountains called oak shortbows. That's 332 regular logs so it'll cost you 16600gp. Maybe its time you start woodcutting.

--Your now level 20, getting there but not quite.


-20-25 is cake, you need 206(14420gp) OAK LOGS it may cost a slight bit more but better than cutting them right?

--Take your logs, your trusty knife, and get cutting you've got 206 logs before you reach level 25.


-Yuck... 25 - 35. This is where it gets boring my friend. You need to craft 583, yes I checked to see if it was right, but 583 unstrung oak longbows and it will cost you a whopping 40810 gp.

--Your almost there guys, just pass the dreadful willow bows and your on your way to fletching success.


-35 to 40 guys, pretty simple compared to what you just did, 446 willow shortbows.

--Costing only 4014gp it was worth it huh? 10 more levels till those maples guys.


-Please forgive me when I give you the number you have to fletch to 50, one of the hardest fletching jumps early on. Your gonna need... 1.. 2.. 3.. your gonna need 1283 willow logs to craft willow longs to get to 50 fletching. Luckily this comes at the lost cost of around 11000gp. Buckle in for the duration and forgive me for making you do this.


-Ahh. Breathe deep guys, were pretty close to 70 fletching. I mean you just crafted practically 1.5k bows. Well, it does get a little better. We actually start to make money. With a pro comes a con, 1307 cons to be exact. You guessed it. 1307 maple (44438gp) shortbows to 55.

--Well, your 55, and I praise you. Remember when i said all cons come with pros. Well heres your pro, each maple cost 34, each maple shortbow (u) goes for 42. You MADE 10k. But wait it gets even better.


-Get ready for some actual payoff. Get that money you lost getting here back. Remember when i said the willow jump was ONE of the longest jumps early on? Well here's your second one. Lets see here, 280Kxp to level 65... 280k divided by 58.25 equals 4855 maple (165070gp) longbows.

--After that divot in your bank get ready to get it back, lets see, maples are 34gp correct? Well maple longbows (u) are 104gp! Thats 70gp profit guys, and what is 70 times 4855. I have a feeling you guys are going to grin at this number:). You will MAKE 339850gp, 339k, 339 grand. Happy?


-Your at 65, get ready for the most exciting thing in your life... Nevermind. Your gonna need 3843 yew logs OR 4984 maple logs if you want to make some more cash.

--Hopefully your at 70 fletching now or I'm a liar. You either made or lost a lot money, I highly recommend using maples instead of yews to get to 70. But look, your here, you made it! 70... level 70 fletching, the challenge begins.


if you enjoyed my post please look out for more, post any questions your little hearts want to know, I'm always here for you guys. I mean wha else do i have to do? I'm fletching yews for saradomin's sake (<--wtf:))

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