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  1. You can change the country, nothing happens. That's what i have been doing when buying membership, exchange aus dollar to USD then buy membership. Never received a warning or a ban. Its not against the rules at all, at least not to my knowledge.
  2. in my experiance the fishing guild is the best option so do the karajama guy until 68 fishing then use fishing guild
  3. if others are still wondering its because world 100 wont work so log in and change worlds
  4. i never noticed a difference when wearing different suits at red sallys, so i am pretty sure that clothes dont affect catch rate
  5. yea its always a profit even if you buy golds high and sell ammys low, but extremely slow exp
  6. Yea it always crashes in that dungeon. the dwarf mining one thats where i always am
  7. has no one got any answers. i did what Paw_Claw said to do and it didnt work
  8. Yes the exact same thing happens to me. I am also an Australian player whenever i go to another countries server its all good, sometimes i get a decent ping.
  9. it cant be that though my bro plays on same computer and it doesnt happen to him. ill do that any way though
  10. Whenever im on the Runescape client it keeps crashing. So i decided to start playing using the browser but after 10-15 minutes the same thing happens. the screen just goes black. Anyone else have this problem? or know how to solve it? EDIT: for some reason my bro can play with out that happening.
  11. i get what you are saying but it can be too easily abused.
  12. [hide] >Implying that there is a "correct" way to play Runescape. Agreed. If Jagex wanted you to gather all the resources for yourself (aka "how it was intended to be played") then they wouldn't have put in a trade option or the G.E. They would have made it so that you had to do everything yourself and couldn't buy resources from other players to power through skills. Obviously that's not how the game is intended to be played, otherwise there wouldn't be very much social aspect to the game other than talking to people. Besides that there would be no interaction between players at all besides boss hunting. [/hide] sorry i should have made my self clearer. What i meant to say was that he is playing how he wants to. That was the intention of the game he shouldnt get slammed for that. I hope that clears it up :)
  13. hahaha you telling everyone my new mining place thanks ;) it will get crowded soon. I hope not though
  14. sammyboy894


    like your logic. Casting should be left click
  15. god i love Omali's posts
  16. [hide] Players like you are inefficient and tend to have low leveled stats. I dont pity your plight against bots, simply put minning your own coal (lol who trains smithing making bars that require coal anyways) and other ores is the worst way to get smithing up. Do yourself a favor and if your going to be inefficient with how you play at least do it the easy way. Get your mining to 77 (powermine iron, powermine granite do what it takes) then go to LRC and mine concentrated coal then gold. Mine to 99 then a little past 99 then get 99 smithing that way. Hell if you want you can even get 92 crafting if you decide to turn those bars into gold ammys. Seriously thats stupid and inefficient but bots STILL are not a problem doing that way. Honestly people like you remind me of pures [bleep]ing up their accounts then blaming Jagex. [/hide] Did you even read his post, he enjoys mining and smithing properly rather than rushing through. He is playing the game how it was intended to be playe, botters are ruining the experience. Just cause he is doing something he enjoys which happens to be inefficent doesn't ruin his account. My smithing and mining levels where all self made. He isnt blaming jagex, he is scrutinizing them for not holding up there rules. Botters ruin the experience of the game. And its [wagon]s like you ruining this community.
  17. are there any guides out there?
  18. i see a lot of people saying that you can profit from MTA. Is this true?
  19. dont know why it took everyone 1k tokens only took me 10 (lucky) and then 400 on all the others (3 others)
  20. i can only answer a few 4. try killing every single one of the ogres or whatever they are. One of them has to have it, use ROW it might help idk. 5. You can make money from it but i wouldnt call it reasonable 8. if you play BA and in the waiting rooms alot i see no reason not to use the master horn. sorry i couldnt be more help
  21. i have checked many worlds the only one that comes close is World 1 on weekends
  22. i am going to troll and be a [cabbage] and say here is your second input
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