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  1. Charles Hamilton's back and just dropped a project called C.A.T.S. Can. Should expect more projects and features sometime this fall.
  2. The League is probably my favorite show right now.
  3. I've quit about 8 times and all I have left in my bank is a party hat set and one santa.
  4. The reason most people quit and return is because of boredom.
  5. By all means go ahead and visit them. I don't really understand how this relates to the sex offender registry though.
  6. Yeah the league looks great so far. I've enjoyed the pickups games they've been playing in New York as well.
  7. Now you see why this guy loves his job. How many other managers would just love to kick someone's ass for harassing his employees? This guy has just that opportunity. He's not stupid, he's an opportunist. If he really loved his job, he should of used ancients/claws. Why would he waste money he's planning to sell?
  8. If he's a registered sex offender then obviously the government thinks he's a problem.
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