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  1. ^ What he said. But if you're keen on a chat then "assist clan" is for you :D
  2. I dont know about that one, but ive noticed agility doesnt seem to work anymore
  3. There is nothing really when you consider charm drops..
  4. (I know this is stupid but..) Alching in pvp to get some EP when you get dclaw rushed, losing 5m :D
  5. IMO serves you right for claw rushing. scummy as.
  6. Id say calculate it at about 300 - 450 xp per chin.
  7. Could i do it? im very poor atm haha
  8. What about duo army? i just need some cash thats not gunna bore me to death.
  9. I just got 99 range (woo) and i have no idea what to do. I pretty much broke my bank (5m left). I am currently getting a bunyip and am wondering, can i solo/duo army easily? Also i am trying to decide wheather to get 99 def or 99 strength. I want str more but am being pressure to get def. Advice?
  10. Hey, the last 10-ish levels are like 80% of 99 agility. I'd say it's totally justified. *shrug* 92 is half way :D
  11. They dont stack if thats what you're asking.
  12. yea, but with 1 war tortoise (43 min) thats 1.2m at greens Maybe, if you can put up with cannons. Also, cant afk there.
  13. If you're going for xp, you should be digging your trees up. Hopefully this statement isn't entirely redundant as i assume you will know this.
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