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Lumbridge Catacombs correction

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Treasure hunters may also have an interest in the Catacombs; scattered throughout the dungeon, 6 valuable statuettes await the quick-fingered adventurers who would seek them. These statuettes (disitinguished by either the Jade, Topaz, Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby, or Diamond gemstone embedded in the artefact) can be sold to Xenia at the entrance to the Catacombs for increasing amounts of GP. However, the undead creatures surrounding these treasures will guard against players' pillaging, so they will have to be killed before the statuettes can be taken.

This is wrong. You only have to kill Dragith Nurn for the diamond statuette, you can take all the others without having to kill the monsters.


Please correct, thanks!




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I think its alluding to the fact that taking the statues (as the warning message you get suggests) causes a monster to attack you. But It is slightly badly worded


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Ahh, that's my mistake. I knew what I was saying, but I suppose it didn't come out quite right at 2:00 in the morning, heh. I worded it poorly, I admit. :lol:


I've adjusted the wording, so it now reads:


However, the undead creatures surrounding these treasures will attempt to guard against players' pillaging, and thus will attack anyone who removes a statuette from the plinth it's set on.


I hope that's a bit more clear, although feel free to contact me if you have something to add or comment on. Thanks. :)

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