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Armadyl Solo


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Lately I've been considering going on a few Arma solo trips and was wondering if anybody with experience could suggest an approximate number of kills/trip to expect with my stats (as seen in sig). Also note it'll be 94 range before I attempt this.


My setup is as follows:


Verac's helm

Arma top

Arma bottom

jester boots (mage def)

blessed spirit shield (don't have/want a dfs atm)

barrows gloves

fury amulet

archers ring

ruby (e) / diamond (e)


And in my inventory / yak:


2 x ranging potions


broad bolts (kc)

ruby (e) / diamond (e) (one equipped, one in inv)


unicorn pouch

unicorn scrolls

5 ppots

rest brews/restores at a 3:1 ratio


I'll be using leech def/range & prot range (of course)


With those stats and setup, about how many kills can I expect. And is there anything that can be done to significantly improve the trip lengths? Also is the EE worth it to bring (will I last long enough for four EE specials)?

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