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I have no idea


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I'm gonna start slaying with mage because I just maxed melee and I think I have everything down but one thing... Should I buy a blessed spirit shield or mage's book?


Atm this is my gear:


(I know a mage cape is better I'm just wearing def cape atm cause I like how it looks)

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buy blessed spirit shield and use zammy book for tasks where you take no damage.

DK drops (solo/LS): 66 hatchets, 14 archer rings, 13 berserker rings, 17 warrior rings, 12 seerculls, 13 mud staves, 7 seers rings

QBD drops: 1 kite, 2 visages, 4 dragonbone kits, 3 effigies, lots of crossbow parts

CR vs. CLS threads always turn into discussions about penis size.
It's not called a Compensation Longsword for nothing.

I've sent a 12k combat mission to have Aiel assassinated (poor bastard isn't even Pincers-tier difficulty).



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It depends on the task. If you can safe spot i would use mage book, i myself use the unholy book. If you have to tank them, such as abyssal demons, then a BSS would be better. While i was maging them i was able to keep healed while using a wolper for that scroll and the EE and a few pieces of food. With a bunyip you can easily last.

[hide=Drops]Slayer:Draconic Visage x3, Abyssal Whip x23, Dark Bow x3, Dragon Platelegs x3, Dragon Boots x40, Dragon Plateskirt x4, Shield Left Half x3, Dragon Medium Helms x10


CS: Zamorakian Spear x2, Zamorak Hilt x1, Bandos Chestplate x1, Sara Sword x1

DKs: Dragon Hatchet x3 Beserker Ring x1[/hide]

[hide=Completed Goals]99Attack.pngAchieved April 26, 200999Defence.pngAchieved Sept. 15, 200999Hitpoints.pngAchieved Nov. 21, 200999Strength.png Jan. 10, 2010

99Slayer.png Achieved Mar. 5, 2010[/hide]


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Obviously if you are at a task with monsters that hit hard then use bss, if you can safespot the monsters or outlast its damage with a bunyip or something then use mage's book. If you can only pick one I would go for the bss. BTW what spell are you using?

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