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Amount of Chinchompas

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I recently chinned from roughly 75 - 96 Ranged. From 96 - 97 I got purely from Tormented Demons.

Now that I recently got 97 I figured I might as well spend the few hours to get it to 99 but I haven't the slightest clue how many to buy. I have full Armadyl, Ranger's set, Unholy Book, Hydra (84 Summoning), like 3K ranged potions.

How many chinchompas do you think I should buy for 99 Ranged from 97?


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You should average about 250 exp/chin (or I did, anyway)
so extremely rough calculations:
you need about 2,900,000 exp
2900000/250 = 11900
I'd get about 13 or 14k just to be on the safe side but that should be more than enough
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How many chins did you use from 75-96 Ranged?

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