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Going f2p for exams

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As the title says I have 72m to invest.


Normally, i'd undoubtedly invest in the rares market due to the very nature of them being rares.

Howevever, I've noticed that they've been rising almost consistently for the last 180 days, I'm not sure how much longer this can be sustained - I know at the moment green mask and santa are dropping/flattening but I can't work out (and I haven't been to W2 in a while) if they're actually crashing or going through a minor drop in price.

On the other hand, I'm coming back in 2 months time so it won't be too long, so my investments could be medium term.


I've kept my fury as my only members item as I feel they're a relatively safe bet for the future.. :ohnoes:




My choice at the moment seems to be between santa + 20m of other stuff and green mask.

I will be checking prices from time to time so a f2p item would be preferable so I can react whilst in f2p because I really wont be a member.





Thanks to Jopie for this great signature.

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Anyone at Manchester University PM me

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Amulets of fury.


Definately not, the situation is going insane atm. And when the price keeps raising it will cause people to farm tokkuls more than ever.

Many range/mage pures will train there because it's faster XP than dragons and no need to bank that often.

I've been spending cash on rares since day one and my mask set is now 273m value.

Not bad if you ask me. They keep raising and will do so forever, since rares keep getting rares and there are never gonna be added new ones.

I've seen movies on YT where people alch their rares before quitting etc so this is all good for us, people who keep their rares :)

2016 goals: all skills +30mil xp - Completed this goal 11th December 2016 smile.gif
2017 goals: get at least 3 more master capes (start xp: invention [email protected] Jan, mining [email protected] April & ranged 76/104mil [email protected] 20th) & all skills +40mil xp (done 24th August)

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Well you would want something f2p, just in case the item you invest in falls.

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I would Tell You Lobster's

Rune Sets

Or Yew Logs


Think of something everyone uses everday in runescape and invest in it


Usually Food


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