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  1. Hey everyone, I would love to get all my skills to +25mil xp but tbh I got all my melee xp from slayer or bossing. However I'm not so familiar with EOC and watched a few guides on YT where they powerlevel in abyss or sara camp (GWD). The only problem is: I can't really discover what melee abilities to use on the ability bar when using revolution. Does anyone wanna post a screenie or picture of their ability bar and maybe also gear + inventory? Someone who does this training method regularly ofc :) Thank you very much! Merre
  2. Talking about king black dragon and giant mole. Did anyone try them out? I wonder about the drops tbh...
  3. I only like this skill because I've never made 50mil profit in under 24hours time (actual time, not gametime)... But invention really doesn't seem interesting at all. I already feel sorry I didn't leave it at L1, then I could have told everyone I just returned to game when they asked me why I'm L1 inv... Dungeoneering was a crap update to me (it's a frikkin minigame) and now they call invention an "elite skill", while within 48hours of release there's already someone running around with a master invention cape... Jagex, I sigh at you... :rolleyes:
  4. For me it's definitely dungeoneering. I got my L120 master cape a few weeks back but I'm never ever ever gonna do one more floor, I'm not even gonna bother to do the diary. Dungeoneering is fast xp, gives decent rewards (the skill scrolls, chaotics etc are deffo worth it) but the fact Jagex decided to turn a minigame into a skill was a real bummer for me. It even made me take a 20month break back in the days. I longed so hard for the new skill and when they released dg I was very sad. The rest is ok imo, deffo since Jagex has made alot of the skilling more barable (for example agility with new course + agil pillars @Priff) etc... Divination for example is a 'real' Runescape skill. Slow, boring BUT usefull :)
  5. Merre

    Stupid dragon pets

    Ok just did some 'happy hour' runite mining at Priff and they disabled the left clicking. Still lagging coz of them stupid dragons, but at least I can click the runite right away without having to zoom or turning camera angle. Thanks Jagex for fast update! (if they do a good job, we gotta admit it too)
  6. Merre

    Stupid dragon pets

    I just wish Jagex actually gave it some thought before releasing new content. You don't have to be a rocketscientist to release huge pets like these will influence the gameplay...
  7. Merre

    Stupid dragon pets

    I couldn't care less people spend way too much rl/rs money on pets but is it really normal that u can't even click a harmonised runite rock during happy hour because of 50 freaking dragons circling around the rock? It's about time Jagex does something about this 'World Of Warcraft'-wannabe stuff. I hope Jagex implements some kind of checkbox to 'hide' other players pets coz this is annoying as *%£µ@
  8. I got a yak team card. Willing to use it with people for some geepee. PM me if you want in and we can discuss details :)
  9. Thx got it within 10 kills of a guard at ardougne market. Gotta get my rc up, but made 1K natures so far, so getting there :)
  10. Ok within 20 minutes at moss giants it dropped. I'm happy :) Thx for the support and ideas all! Off to get law tally now :p
  11. That's the place i'll be going soon I think. Just camped dark wizards for an hour, then went to hill giants for about 45 mins and now I've been in abyss killing abyss leeches for +1hr and still no nature tally. Bloody rediculous and yes u are right lol. Why would a pure skiller make nats if he doesn't use magic? :p
  12. Ok i'll do that. Bit shame though, imagine u would make it extra hard and be hardcore Iron(wo)man pure skiller (no cb)... Anyway thx for reacting :)
  13. Hey everyone, as many people did I also started a hc ironman. My main is maxed so it's a nice distraction to sometimes log my ironman and sense the nostalgic feeling of being a 'noobie' again. So far I like it alot, apart from the presence of bots in f2p, everything seems ok and doable. I only got one question: I'm going members soon and would love to make a nice collection of nature runes (already got the level) but how do I obtain a nature talisman. I realize there is a runecrafting minigame where u can get points to purchase all kinds of tallies, but since ironmen can't play group activities, that one is ruled out. I also know many creatures have a nature talisman on their drop list, but Jagex can't expect us to depend on luck (drops) to advance in a skill right? Any other ways that are failproof any knows of? Cheers for an answer
  14. 6.5mil/hr... Even if I hit 25 kills per hour I haven't hit that in ages. Anyway I've gone back to more afk stuff and working on my hardcore ironman. GL with drops all...
  15. Yeah it sucks how much probability isn't fair, right? Sad how certain people ^ waste time to comment remarks that don't contribute a thing. Glad it's not only in the topics I create Battle it gets better mate, it just varies. Some days u can't fail a single voyage. Other days it's all messed up. As long as my captains survive I don't feel too bad :)
  16. Again this doesn't contribute. But had a chat with others who used to do qbd all the time and they all moved on. The rune drops have been removed and the xbow drops have also been reduced. Thx for the replies, won't be doing QBD anymore when I get black dragon tasks... Sad :(
  17. Visage has nothing to do with this. I meant the regular loot and the xbow parts. Not talking about effigies and visage, that's just a rare drop for a high lvl dragon...
  18. Does anyone know whether the QBD's chest loot has been nerfed? I do multiple QBD kills a day ranging from 4-30 kills, depending on how much time I got and seems to me the profit has gone down alot. Usually I get at least 1 royal crossbow part per 6-10 kills. Now it's at least 30 kills ago since I had an effigy or royal crossbow part. It also seems the noted 40 raw sharks drops alot more frequent now. Did anyone read about Jagex nerfing the drops or is it just really really bad luck the past week? Please don't go explaining how the drop table works, I know how the odds work. I just wonder if it's bad luck or if something actually has changed, as I suspect...
  19. I'm 99 slay so don't really slay for the profit but mainly because it's a fun skill and it gives xp in many skills at once (melee, ranged, hp, prayer, magic, summon with dg imp etc) It's practically impossible to lose money over slayer except when you don't gather loot (as Sunli pointed out) or go OVL's and insane degradable gear on for example hellhounds. But I guess those people just want the fast XP and don't mind a mil more or less gp-wise. Now I just changed my way of playing, I try to do only one task a day until I get something cool like dagannoths or black dragons, so I can kill the boss version of it. Killed over 15 QBD's this week and still got 46 kills of black dragons left. This makes slayer for me a challenge again and on top of it it's prestige (well a bit if your clan is filled with chickens who don't dare to even look at a boss :P ) AND you get nice profit. Ok you have to invest a bit in solid gear, decent food and flasks filled with potions. But I like slayer again, I hope the new reaper thingie will even trigger my love towards slayer some more. I agree the big money isn't in the regular tasks, but overall I think slayer is still profit. Decent profit, even...
  20. RS homepage state DDOS-attacks... Sad people who bother nuking some game's server :(
  21. Cheers for the update. Guess mods can close it now as it's not relevant anymore :)
  22. Last night and tonight I have been having connection issues and experiencing lobby kicks all the time. No matter whether I use the client or via browser, it keeps occuring. Seems my clan members also suffer from it. What's going in? No point in doing bossfights or even slayer, since the risk you die and lose stuff is very high atm... FIX IT PLZ
  23. Is this fixed now coz I got the reaper task there to solo 16 kings. Haven't been there in ages, but wouldn't mind going there again, but only if the spawn rate is fixed. Don't like dying and it's a long way to get to gravestone
  24. Merre

    Combat so messed up

    Hedge I don't agree at all. I hit L99 ranged before EOC and magic had it's uses vs certain enemies (like strykewyrms, metal dragons etc) because you could kill without being hit and the drops were worth the runes you spent. Also magic was uber for pvp'ing (although I never did that) Ranged on the other hand was perfect for safespotting alot of tasks and for the enchanted bolts, not sure why you say they weren't needed before. Practically every minigame was owned with magic (stealing creation, castle wars...) And ping, ok from your post I concluded you just didn't read it very well and assumed I should just use revolution to finish the quest. I just do not see the point of EOC tbh, if you only have 10'ish abilites where other games have +50. It makes it kinda restricted to fine the perfect setup... It's like wanting something good, but failing at establishing it. Fail update imo, which screws the dinosaurs among us who don't adapt easily :p
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