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Recruitment Board Rules


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Along with the Tip.It Board Rules, please observe these forum-specific rules before posting.


When posting a Clan Recruitment Topic:


  • Strictly, one topic per clan.
  • Posts older than thirty days with no bumps or other replies are subject to being removed.
  • No "Looking for a clan" threads. These belong in the Looking for a clan/group/team sub-board.
  • You may bump your clan thread, but only by using the bump function (see images below). It is displayed six hours after being used. You, nor anyone else, may bump threads with comments such as "bump," "Join this clan!", "I love this clan," "We own," "HYT," et cetera. Only genuine replies may be posted.
    Found at the bottom of the page.
  • If you wish for your thread to be cleaned, contact a Clan Moderator via private message.
  • If you post in another language you must provide an English translation even if it's a non-English clan - not all moderators speak Dutch, German, et cetera.
  • Do not post misleading titles for your topics. Titles such as, "All pures look!", are not permitted.
  • Look to see which section your topic best belongs in. If your clan is warring based, post it here, if it's not warring based, post it here.




  • This forum is solely for recruitment and advertisement. War proposals, discussion, war outcomes, and advice all belong in the respective boards.
  • Clans that work together to gain money via the grand exchange, through price manipulation or other means, may not be advertised here*. These include, but are not limited to:
    • merchanting clans
    • Investment clans
    • manipulation clans
    • Dicing clans (or other gambling)

    * - Whether or not your clan falls under these rules is determined at the moderator's discretion. If you disagree with a decision regarding your thread, please contact an administrator.

    [*]Do not deal with something on your own. If you have any problems with a member or a topic, then contact one of the moderators of this forum via the report feature. Remember that it is your duty to report something that is breaking the rules. If you see a breach of our rules then don't hesitate to report it.


The Tip.It Staff wish you all the best with your search for a clan, or with your own clan.


Happy posting.


~Originally posted by Peterpan538


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