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Alchemy- Mage Training Arena


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I tried out the mage training arena for the first time today. I was wondering how the xp rates compared to normal high alching. Is the xp you get from high alching in that room 100%? How do they determine that bonus xp you receive when you return coins?


It really seemed to be fun and a lot more enjoyable than normal high alching.


Thanks for any help.

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You receive 31 experience for high alchemy. Also per coin you get 2 experience. If you manage to do 30 point casts every time, the occasional free alch and the occasional mistake, your getting about 60-70 experience per cast from my own experience. Also some of the experience is free. The experience isn't as fast as you would have had normally, but it is quite enjoyable.


What I personally did was create an outfit that could work in 2-3 rooms and just vary around the rooms. First of start with the Bones to Banana / Peaches room. From max health + a few food items (bring 2-3 monkfish) to low health gives quite a nice amount of points. Then I would do a serie of teleport rooms 2x 5 mazes. Followed by the Alchemy room ;) Enchantment room can be done later and is some seriously good experience, especially ones you unlock Enchant Onyx!!


If you just mix in all rooms ;) You eventually even make a profit if you just go for some infinity gear. It is quite easy to calculate what you will profit the most on. I believe there is even a guide about it in the AoW section. Perhaps try and have a look for it.


Great that you invented the mage training arena for yourself. I know I had a blast there to train magic and make a nice buck ;D

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