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smithing help?


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hey i have level 45 in smithing and was wondering what the best way to get it up quick without spending too much money is. i would rather not mine but i have 600k i am willing to invest. ty in advance

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Superheat steel then once your at lvl 50 then super heat mithril, right now they both give minimal loss and you get free magic xp, thats why my smithing lvl is 67, side effect of my 85 magic goal.





pikatips005.png1,000 F2P Total Level Reached 10/8/10 !


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Here is a list of quests that give smithing xp too, in case you want some less boring experience. Maybe smith some, then do a quest. Good luck!



Table courtesy of Tip.it




Love Story 40,000 P2P

Rocking Out 25,000 P2P

Knight's Sword, The 12,725 F2P

Defender of Varrock 10,000 P2P

Elemental Workshop II 7,500 P2P

Cabin Fever 7,000 P2P

Devious Minds 6,500 P2P

Between a Rock... 5,000 P2P

Elemental Workshop I 5,000 P2P

Giant Dwarf, The 2,500 P2P

Heroes Quest 1,325 - 3,075 (varies) P2P

Recipe for Disaster 1,000 P2P

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