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Kuradal's dungeon w/low agi


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Kuradal's dungeon was released while I was taking a break from the game so I haven't used it yet. I'm wondering if it's worth it to use this dungeon since my agility is too low to use either of the shortcuts. Seems like a long run past a lot of beasts to get to iron dragons, for example.

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The time saved by taking the shortcuts won't justify the hours you need to train agility to that high of a level.


Of course, you could train agility anyway if you plan on leveling it at all in the future. Better sooner than later. If not, however, then do not level agility. It's not worth it, esp. since its main benefit (run restore) is easily counteracted by the plethora of run restoring options available, and any shortcut benefits aren't worth the hours required to train the skill. I'm tempted to call agility an outdated skill, but that's really only true at high levels.

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