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90 agility a tiny task

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well im curretnly 86 agility got for agile armour im soon starting slayer and 90 slayer with summer pie = 95 so i can do almost all effigies and it will also help with ancient cavern shortcut


so ive decided to get 90 as you can tell


well should only take me a few days but i dont play weekends so who knows and i hate concentrating on agility so meh



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Lol....it stinks they removed agil effects from f2p...especially since it could've been a good f2p skill. Give them a huuuge agil fortress in lumbridge swamps....offering cruddier xp than p2p courses...

because it was a unfair effect that people that use to have a p2p account went into ftp now not paying for a membership get the effects of something that isnt a ftp skill.... just fork up £3.50 thats less than a sandwhich for a month subscriptio and stop complaining


@ JacTise69


good luck to you too im only getting 90 for when i start slayer get ancient effigies and use summe rpies to do 91 93 and 95 then ill get xp with outtrying totaly worth it lol and also ofc for the last shortcut haha

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