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22-Jul-2010 - FunOrb Summer Games


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For three weeks in August, FunOrb will be holding a Summer Games tournament for all comers. The event will consist of two parts: the Arcane Amphitheatre and the Gauntlet.


The Arcane Amphitheatre is going to be a massive, marvelous, members-only Arcanists tournament! We've got a magnificent knockout tournament starting on Monday 9th August, which you can sign up for on the Arcane Amphitheatre Sign Up thread on the FunOrb forums. The stakes will be high for this memorable event as we have a variety of prizes up for grabs, including a Dell laptop for the winner, an iPod for the runner-up, dual FunOrb and RuneScape membership, plus other prizes. Oh, and there will also be tournament-specific Achievements. So, what are you waiting for? For more information on this tournament, check out the Arcane Amphitheatre Guide thread on the FunOrb forums.


If you're not currently a FunOrb member, but fancy pitting your wits against the best Arcanists players out there, FunOrb membership is available from as little as £3.20/$4.95 for 1 month (or £6.40/$9.90 for a combined RuneScape/FunOrb membership).


The Gauntlet is our single-player section of the Summer Games. For three weeks starting on Monday 9th August, we'll challenge you to show us that you're the best of the best in nine of our most popular single-player games. We have a selection of FunOrb goodies up for grabs, as well as joint FunOrb and RuneScape membership for the winners! If you want to know more about this part of the event, head over to The Gauntlet thread on the FunOrb forums.


Mod Sparrow

FunOrb Community Management


Sounds interesting... unfortunately I'm not a member ;_;


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