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  1. Happy birthday :D

  2. Ok cool, I'll start doing that. Thanks muchly. Well, the reason for these is to get more personalized suggestions on how to get money. I.E. not tell someone to kill frost dragons when they are 72 dungeoneering. As for repetitive, I suppose I mean not collecting blue dragon scales. Something interesting, exciting, or varied is what I mean.
  3. I've been poor pretty much my entire RuneScape life, and I just want to have some money to be able to use on skills, bandos armor, etc. Stats are below. I've done every quest. I suck at merchanting and flipping. Also, I get bored very easily, so a money making suggestion that isn't insanely boring and repetitive is preferred. Thanks in advance.
  4. Because everything sells stupidly high on release day when its a monster drop and 9/10 jagex hugely undervalue it. Note early pages of this thread where ppl sold it for 80mil. Obv it's gonna epic crash, they always do given a month or so. True. It saddens me that I can't kill the things at the current time, though. Could have actually had some money to add onto my minuscule cash pile.
  5. I'm waiting until they are 200k or so. I have no idea why Jagex thought people would by it at 25m :rolleyes:
  6. Read the entire first post fully before you enter the clan chat. Alright, found the answer to my question. Thanks.
  7. So to join you just join the guest chat and say you are a tip.it-er?
  8. Banned for being wrong because I post here because I don't really care about post count.
  9. Great guide. I really need to get back to trying to get it. Lag always kills me -.- Edit: Zomg I finally got it. First try after many months ^^
  10. A) Pop / Rap music B) Annoying people C) When I stutter. Blegh.
  11. Well, I like it when girls talk to me. I'm somewhat shy, so I rather have girls talk to me instead of me talking to girls. Of course, I've never been in a relationship so I wouldn't know anything :unsure: Wow, did that come out as geeky as I thought it did?
  12. Two quick questions: 1) Does the Void Knight armour bonus stack with the salve amulet? 2) If yes to the above: Is wearing the void knight set with elite torso and legs more efficient than using proselyte with barrows gloves and helmet of neitiznot? Thanks for helping out a noob =D
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