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Combat familiars.


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Spirit dag or lava titan, but spirit dag is much cheaper and has a scroll that's useful for slayer or training in general. I'd use the dag. If you REALLY want a little extra magic experience, use a fire titan.

To put it bluntly, [bleep] off.

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I'd stick with titans; to me, the healing effect of titans beats combat familiars. I try them out from time to time, but I never feel that they're strong enough to bother using,

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my difinition of noob is i dont like u, either u are better then me or u are worst them me

Buying spins make you a bad person...don't do it. It's like buying nukes for North Korea.

Well if it bothers you that the game is more fun now, then you can go cry in a corner. :shame:

your article was the equivalent of a circumcized porcupine

The only thing wrong with it is the lack of a percentage for when you need to stroke it.


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But really you shouldn't need healing familiars if you are somewhere that you want to use a combat familiar.


OT: I don't know, seeing as I was 90+ summoning when batch 2 came out and never even had a chance to use the lower familiars... however I suspect that Morningrise is correct.

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