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Dungeoneering binds


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I've been dungoneering for a while, I've been looking at some threads as well on the forums here. I just wanted to ask, why does everyone bind promethium 2h over promethium rapier? Virtually all monsters are weak to stab/slash, including the bosses, and the forgotten warriors can be easily maged. To me, rapier would seem better, but is there something I'm missing out on?


Also, for someone who does small/medium dungeons solo and with a small team (sometimes large, but not that often), and considering my stats, would it be better to bind promethium rapier or 2h? And which would be better, binding promethium platebody or shadow silk hood? (I've never tried promethium platebody, but I currently have shadow silk hood bound, and its very useful in avoiding monsters attacks, and in solo, its basically anti-pile, which I find reduces damage taken per room).


note: I hear the battleaxe is a viable option too, but how does it stand up to 2h or rapier?


Any help would be greatly appreciated! :-D

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Most bind spear.

Because monsters r pretty evenly split between stab slash n crush weakness


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People bind 2h's now because they work with the new class rings and the spears don't. +17% strength is considered to be better than a stab option, escpecially since a 2h's slash bonus is insanely high and usually enough to kill monsters weaker to stab.

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The actual rapier used inside the Damonheim dungeons is considered by most to be simply too weak and inaccurate vs the 2h. Although I wouldn't know myself, seeing as I plan to bind mage gear once I get 77 rc....

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Prom 2h is the current hip item due to the ring bonuses. As for Shadow Silk vs. Promethium Platebody, most would say Shadow Silk. The only thing better being the extremely rare blood necklace.


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