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  1. Q is, as of now, retired (Collam Daan leadership has been passed on, as well). I'm very sorry to have kept you guys in the dark for so long. RS has lost all attraction to me, for the first time in I don't know how many years, and the break I took to finish a project has now become and indefinite hiatus. I may or may not be a tiny bit active here, but I don't want to make any promises. I still have enough uni work and zero interest in the game (I didn't even finish all the quests). I hope you guys enjoy the game more :P. (I must cut short here because blog titles are making me curious again, and we can't have that, just when I retire) See you around, and sorry again, Q How long have you been waiting to use that? Given your posts of Bond-Q, a cue and my ninja of a queue, it must be years now? (also: orthography versus phonetics, lol)
  2. If you are going for xp, you will want to avoid complexity 1-5 for about 90% of the time. Do the highest half of the floors you can access on complexity 6, with as many people as you can get, on the largest size you can get. There are cases where smaller is better, but generally, go for the most xp per floor. The remaining floors are an annoyance and need to be ticked off as quickly as possible to keep prestige high. Do them on complexity 1 (always small), with as many people as possible (but solo works fine), or complexity 2, where you should fish all spots and woodcut all spots.
  3. The wisp is only slightly useful, so don't go saving terracotta just to get one. In the Shield, all you have to do is replace basic crew with better basic crew, JoD with Exile, and that wisp with basic crew, if you got one.
  4. The best armours in F2P are the level 50 armours: runite, blue dragonhide, batwing. I don't know for sure where you should train, but you can try things like hill and moss giants if you need big bones. Prayer xp is pretty hard to come by in F2P, but it's still useful to get 43+, for protect prayers as well as boost prayers, most importantly in PvP and Dungeoneering.
  5. If you have a dps potion bound (strong ranged, strong melee, strong mage potion), then the difference between attack styles becomes more pronounced, so in that case you'd want to stick with your primary style much more often, until the potion boost dies out (not when overloaded, of course). If you're going to use main 2h, you may want to get a primal plate (melee armour has a lower attack penalty on ranged than the other way around).
  6. Hopping is mostly for the increased spawn rate, and afaik you can set the spawn rate in instances to be higher than the normal (server population-based) rate. So there's less reason to hop from an instance (but you can DC obviously).
  7. Quyneax

    I K..

    Moved to Help & Advice. I have no idea about templates, but if anyone does, they should be here (or in Web Design).
  8. Not huge, but it suggests that a) due to long-term trade, the same set of numbers has come in use in both languages or b) Eastern and Common are descendant from the same language. The first is pretty plausible - when trading, numbers are of the most crucial importance, so they are the kind of thing that people would know in both languages. If you assume we used gnomish numbers (e.g. violet pentagons) before Eastern numbers (e.g. Arabic decimals), then the switch is not strange.
  9. The 500 memory thing is pretty stupid. The ribbon customization thing is insufficient. You still can't resize the ribbon or hide the RWT button. The wealth calculator is ridiculous. Jagex is a bad game developer. This is a list of facts.
  10. Just an awesome band: Bass Monsters. This is actually 4x acoustic double bass (with professional players), playing Led Zeppelin and Metallica and stuff. Being a recent German collective, I couldn't find any yt of their full songs, but the site has some samples. Careful: translation is bad. (didn't I mention these before?) Scape-wise, getting near that final terracotta upgrade, the ram, and bought my first Exile. Been playing Lotro a bit, it's double xp weekend there, hit level 32 in three days so far. Currently playing a lightning-specced runekeeper. The irony is: since I entered lotro expecting lots of RWT, I don't mind it as much as I mind RS RWT (also I'm basically f2p in lotro, so yeah).
  11. As a note to that: Don't use Punish, use Dismember instead. If your target has really low health, then switch to another target and let the DoT kill the first. Backhand is only good on stun-immune targets (the irony of stuns).
  12. My combat captain was first sent on a 3h chimes-only voyage to a) recoup some of the 35k it cost to hire her and b) re-synch my ships, so that was an easy 100% :P. My 35k morale captain failed a bunch of times, though.
  13. Final story mission is a success, and I rolled a 35k combat captain with only tactician :D.
  14. Unlocked Exiles! Now to get more azure... Barmaid's tip was steel, again -.-. But the Trader's offer was steel also, for plate, so that's nice. I sent the final story voyage at 72% as well, with merchant, but without any boosters.
  15. I've been doing about 1.5 checks a day depending on classes. Ports is getting boring now that everything's figured out and the new rewards are nigh useless. There's no excitement over being able to make any of it, just some profit. I haven't even finished the final triple yet, because it's so useless - 70 scales/pearls is what, 2m? At least 70 lacquer/plate was like 15-20m. Maybe there ought to be a sort of treasure map item that you can use to send a mission for 50+ trade goods. Let the maps drop from clue scrolls and stuff. Edit: exile's point #2 sent at 51%.
  16. Aye frequency didn't figure into my post much, I don't know how often you'll be forced to settle for pearl/scale/spice either, for example. You're right of course that triples will be common enough and double adventurers won't, but that won't change the ideal setup that much in the end, it only confirms that multi-talented is worth it (that it must be sf follows from the way ship parts are balanced, I presume?). Likely, the ideal setup will take years to acquire, with the captains being rare-ish and generally having horrible traits to start with. On a completely different angle: pearls and scales are annoying as hell, being worth so little and being so common.
  17. Multi-talented is +100 for doubles and +150 for triples, so it's only worth it for triples (assuming you can get over 10k double with 1% traits, which you can, but not over 15k triple). Workhorse is only 50 speed extra compared to multi-talented, so that's probably useless. Trade good missions in the Shield are as follows: Bones - c/s 40 Spice - c/s Chi - m/c/s Plate - m/c/s Lacquer - m Pearls - m/c Scales - m/s 4 Koi + 4 Pearl - c/s 40 Spice - c Bones - m/s 10 Spice + 6 Pearl - m/s Lacquer - m Bones - c/s Chi - m/c 2 Koi + 6 Pearl - c/s Plate - s (up to this, all voyages are 8 trade goods each, except where noted otherwise. from here they are 16 each except where noted.) Lacquer - c Plate - s Chi - m 30 Spice + 10 Pearl - s 6 Pearl, 10 Scale - m 6 Scale, 10 Pearl - c There are 22 different voyages, 7 standard, 9 adventurer and 6 dual adventurer. Spices, pearls and scales are probably not worth focusing on. There are two triples out of 22 (or 2/12 if you ignore spice/pearl/koi), so having more than one captain with 4x multi-talented (if any) is probably overkill, especially since the 1% traits won't be that much worse, only about 50 total, perhaps less. Having a +4% morale captain is pretty important, for the lacquer voyages, as well as bones and chi from adventurers. Having a +4% seafaring captain is good for the plate voyages, as well as bones from all sources. Having a +4% combat captain is the least important of the three, but still worth having for double adventurer lacquer, bones, and adventurer chi. Since combat is the least important, have another seafaring and morale captain. Exiles boost seafaring, so for your triples, perhaps have a morale captain with 4x multi-talented? I don't know how that works out in the end, but I'd say, ignoring anything but +1% traits could work out pretty well, too.
  18. Hmm... None of the rewards (save rings) are really important if you're mostly going to be Dungeoneering. If you need a shield, you can buy one that matches the t90 weapon you're going to be using it with.
  19. If you're fairly far in Ports (far enough to have a decent supply of bones), you can get death lotus darts (t85) for a weapon, to tide you over until you get t90. You do need to train fletching for that a bit, which might not be what you returned to RS for :P. PoP armour is worth getting but not essential, overload/turmoil are essential but not as much as they used to be, barrows is OK for slayer in a sense, but not recommended, as GWD armours are better and do not degrade.
  20. Redead? I've bought the azure rudder, and failed the first try at Exile's Point. Also, my first 35k captain has bad traits :(.
  21. If you intend to keep a certain item forever, then keep the lucky equivalent of that item instead of the normal version, if you can. If you intend to keep the item only until you have a better replacement, then cash in lucky items you get.
  22. [hide]I don't think that this was the full power of the Stone we were fighting, only a part of the power of the curse resting on that specific dragonkin, which we fiddled with (which got us the response from the echo of Jas) for a bit. I think of what we did more as re-routing the curse to a less harmful thing, such as re-routing the rage to spread evenly across multiple emotions, than actually removing/destroying anything. The world guardians are chosen by Guthix' power, which ought to be inferior to the Stone.[/hide]
  23. I don't think it took three dragonkin to kill Lucien, there just happened to be three of them at the time of his death, because he summoned them all by using the Stone out in the open. Also I don't think that the gods know exactly how powerful a dragonkin actually is. When they fled, it was more out of a 'let's not try this out at this place and time, where basically every being capable of challenging my strength is ready to stab me if I stumble' kind of mindset. If all the gods there would not be sufficient to at least bind a dragonkin, I do not think that Sliske would be able to build a cage to hold one, even with his shadow powers - surely having an elder artifact counts as a similar bonus, or, for that matter, being a cabbage.
  24. Good quest, enjoyed the lore. As usual, could be a bit longer, could have a bit tougher bosses, and stuns are bleeping annoying. How about giving monsters *no* stuns and a *good* ability rotation with *double* dps. That would make combat more fun. [hide]I sent Hannibus with Kerepac, mainly because I want to give the dragonkin the best possible chance of breaking free from the Stone, as that'll free it up for me to try fancy stuff with it. I know we are supposed to be unable to ascend, being a world guardian and all, but I think SoJ sans dragonkin obstruction >> world guardian powers.[/hide]
  25. Guys, we're done discussing this now. On one hand, you have no right to judge how anyone spends their money. On the other hand, you have no right to judge how anyone spends their time. Actually, you have no right to judge how anyone spends their anything*. Until one of you acquires this right, and I can assure you, you won't, we have no business debating what is or is not 'proper' or 'good' in any scenario. Incidentally, this argument is one reason I am in favour of a strict irl gp/game separation. If you want to discuss that, feel free to make a new topic. *Although you are, of course, free to act upon any private judgement, however it is not to be made public here.
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