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  1. Not worth it, they're equal damage to royal bolts I believe, making them worse than royal bolts because of the effort involved in making them.
  2. The number of accounts online at any one time has dropped, I believe, but the amount of bots has also dropped so it's okay. With that kind of money, you can get a very decent melee setup and get into bossing and general slayer, which are really the parts of the game to come back for, and Dungeoneering is still free of course. Skilling hasn't changed much (in terms of what you do, not in terms of what kind of xp you get).
  3. Better not to use the boosters if you want to keep playing for adventurer rerolls (for further triples), as xpx wrote on the ports thread. Since I maxed all slots, I've been getting a lot more of them, but you really need all slots. It seems that you can only get 2/3 useless random rewards (or something to that effect), meaning that the one usable one has to be a reroll.
  4. You may want to take a look at this guide: http://forum.tip.it/topic/322024-dg-for-dummies-puzzles/?p=5461826 Keep your teleports on your bar, and keep your 2-3 usable thresholds and ~4 basics along with Freedom and Anticipate. Don't add any ults or Regenerate or things like that.
  5. Combat levels actually do a really good job at assessing win probability right now. Except in extreme cases, if someone's combat level is lower than yours, it means you have a higher chance of winning. The old formula isn't even remotely like that. It doesn't work for monsters (as they don't have abilities) at all, and it doesn't work in PvP for levels ~170 and over, because equipment doesn't go to 99, and people rarely use t90 equipment in dangerous pvp anyway (dl with darts is the best right now, I think, in terms of gp/performance balance), and there is a huge difference in level 200s as well - it's like using a 1m (static) ruler to measure a person. In that sense, the current formula is just as broken as the old one. It's not like 138 beats 120 wasn't obvious under the old system.
  6. That's a matter of having done way more solo floors than team floors, not getting drops faster, which is the issue at hand here. I've had lots of solo t11 drops, but spread out, and if you look at the ratios, tier 11 is way more common in large. If you recommend something bind hunting-wise to someone, you're not going to recommend easymode solo. (you can, of course, advise someone not to worry about binds, and just do regular locc floors until you get your arrows)
  7. You basically have two options: a combat potion, which is good if you don't overload, or a skill potion, which is... worse, really. It's not likely to save you much time, so get that combat potion.
  8. Read this guide: http://forum.tip.it/topic/321597-aiels-eoc-tribrid-dks-guide/
  9. It's going to be a random number anyway, and in that case, I'll have the 'max combat level = max combat stats' variant rather than the current system.
  10. Nobody reports getting more t11 drops solo than in 5:5 larges, only hard mode reliably awards t11 on solo, and that's no use to someone without the tasks done.
  11. Elves seem to make everything out of crystal, so flasks are practically required, but we don't want to devalue the existing flasks, and flasks are already pretty powerful (plus that I think that competition within glassware might be a bit impractical, contents are more relevant). Maybe elf crystal could simply be too expensive to use for anything consumable, leaving us with crystal weapons and armour, crystal tools, crystal signs and portents (which need recharging every now and then), crystal building supplies, crystal auras or familiars for all I care :P. Also hit 530m overall xp during some slaying. Slayer is really pretty boring -.-.
  12. After a week of using it, I can say I'm really pleased with the performance :). I haven't managed to get it to lag yet either :D. Thanks everyone for the suggestions!
  13. (I think) It means that your target has no life points to replenish, e.g. that they are at full health.
  14. Nearly every boss is incredibly easy to solo. The exceptions are Nex, Vorago, Barrows 2 and the Kalphite King. Nex is still very soloable, but requires technique and fairly expensive equipment. The KK requires good coordination when voking, but can otherwise be duod well. Barrows 2 and Vorago require fairly expensive equipment and good coordination, and require teams of 4 and 5+ respectively*. *It's possible to do a 4-man, I believe, but it's not consistent. Typical team size is 5-7 for experienced, well-equipped teams.
  15. A very complete, reasonable and useful suggestion. I support, but I concur with Sy's point about boons. I'd change your boons to be like other boons (xp boosts) and give your temporary effects a place in either a spell/ability book (with a 3-tick casting time and an energy requirement, instead of runes) or as teletab-like items that you consume to gain the effect, probably non-stackable (either that or with a cooldown, I would think).
  16. You just made me realize that they changed halberds from stabbing to slashing weapons... wow. Anyway, scythes make terrible weapons, and they don't have reach either, typically. I'd rather see glaives or polehammers or whatnot.
  17. You can't cast spells unarmed anymore, and all regular (uncharged, plain wooden) staves provide infinite elemental runes anyway, so break CSB. Blame Jagex for not caring about combat. Yes, get arrows instead of CSB. Yes, get your Dungeoneering tasks done. Yes, you need to complete the Medium task set to bind a potion. No, potion binds are separate from other binds. You can pick any one combat style you want really, just bind the best two-handed weapon and platebody of that style you can find, then add a hood and blood necklace when you can.
  18. Though of course the same can be said of every single other weapon thus rendering a state of affairs where despite the numbers being bigger chins still fit in exactly where they are now. No, because chins are used with Momentum only regardless of how good it actually is (provided it isn't 5% damage or something). Current dps with abilities is 1. Momentum dps is, say, 0.5. Chin dps with Momentum is up to 9 * 0.5 which is obviously way higher than 1, so Momentum > abilities for chins. This is compared to weapons of an equal tier, naturally. Now if Legacy would boost 'Momentum-style' dps to about .9, then chins would go up to 9 * .9 whereas regular weapons would not gain any dps.
  19. If Legacy mode isn't a total waste (which it may well be, mind you), then it would have higher autoattack damage than Momentumscape, so chins would be better in Legacy.
  20. Why would you break down RS' unique points in favour of even more generic MMORPG elements? I have a fairly old suggestion for Agility and movement here, including WASD: The point being that square- and tick-based combat is interesting exactly because it's using discrete units/turns instead of being real-time. Edit: for section 4, check the link in my signature.
  21. Worth it? Well, not for 1-99 slayer most likely, I would guess at 'no' for 1-200m xp as well. Like many things, it's just one of these side-goals you can go for.
  22. I don't know exactly what you're doing at the Habitat, but all the others add up to about an hour perhaps, depending on what your daily challenge is. That's not really difficult to do.
  23. Since I'd have to boss for all my high-end equipment (if I wanted any), I'd just alch all the rune items/minor drops you get. Other than equipment, I need no money, so nothing would change.
  24. If you melee, get divine. If you range, get elysian. If you mage, get arcane. If you do multiple, get multiple. If you can afford only one, get the cheapest. If the cheapest is ugly, get the prettiest.
  25. As far as i've seen, at maxed stats, when soloing, it's really not necessary. Particularly when you consider prayer, potting and sniper bonus, you will have atleast 70% accuracy against anything(and 100% accuracy against the vast majority). It's basically like slayer nowadays- if you have t90 available, you don't need to worry about attack style. This is about t80 weapons being used against t90 and 99 monsters - the OP is not maxed stats (and may not overload, not sure), so I wouldn't recommend him to try and berserk with pure melee/range/mage and hope to hit well. It's not like defence is very useful, so you won't be missing the bind much (I'm assuming, of course, no blood necklace). @Hedge: I don't get your first sentence, but okay to the second, ranged is fine. I very much doubt it'll matter as much as having a second style at all will, though.
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