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  1. I was a bit busy yesterday (with gaming, admittedly), but I did now! I won't comment on the graphical design as that's very much not my area (and besides, it's the concepting stage, graphics aren't really at hand yet). Instead, benefits! 1) Some benefits should be permanent and usable in the outside world. Anything else is just not interesting to people who aren't going for max/200m. 2) Skill unlocks! When's the last time we got something new/useful for an existing skill? 3) Elf-themed would be best, which means crystal-related, magical and ranged/polearm-based. Logical conclusion: ranged abilities, crystal halberd, improved crystal bow perhaps, spells/magic abilities. As temporary boosts go, the two-hour benefits are probably good. Maybe it's best to aim for something people will do every now and then, but we have too many dailies already, so you could just make it repeating and stackable. E.g. a 5-10 minute task that increases success chance while woodcutting by 50% (not % points, mind you) for two hours, and reduces tree dying chance as well. And this task stacks with itself. So the question becomes, do you want to do like, four of these tasks in 30 minutes and go woodcutting mage logs with 250% chance to get a log each try, for an hour and a half? For trees like pines, you'll eventually just get 100%, but higher-tier trees would really benefit.
  2. Yes. Losses and draws don't help at all. Avoid CW fcs that offer draws :P.
  3. Also as a note: it's probably worth using two attack styles, since you have equal tiers available. If you had one stat a tier ahead of another, then go with that single style. Magic and melee is the preferred combo I believe, using 2h weapons for both. Especially at 80 stats where you may have trouble busting through primal armour with a gorgonite 2h.
  4. Generally: non-spectral spirit shield > barrows2 shield > chaotic shield. Since these aren't all that expensive, just go with the best. For Nex and KK, I believe tanks only use shield switches anyway, dual wield works fine most of the time.
  5. I think you'll need more prayer, and a ranged/melee switch would be pretty nice, because Kiln monsters have damage reduction against two styles. (did the pickaxe requirement get removed?) Since you're not 92/95 prayer, there's not much reason to be on curses at all, it just drains your prayer a bit more for a (perhaps negative) boost (2-3 leeches vs. piety).
  6. No picture, sorry Amb :P. Dg without door lag is more fun, that's for sure :D.
  7. Successful? Objective? "Catering to the least talented MMO players"? That's quite the thing to say, without any sort of argumentation, isn't it? I don't think any game designer would call (the combat system after) EoC a 'good' thing, that is, they wouldn't call it imaginative, interesting, smooth/fluent, simple, complex, sensible or any of the other adjectives you like to see in a review. That doesn't mean that the system can't have its moments, but it's not nearly as good as it ought to be and completely different conceptually from the old system. The problem isn't that the product isn't sold/used, the problem is that the product is a) low quality and b) not what the subscribers were receiving/happy with for the past ten-odd years. It's like ordering sautéed aubergine and receiving some microwaved black pudding instead - no reason you can't like both, but it makes no sense at all, and it really isn't like you're being given the fancier dish.
  8. 1) You get drops from things that your cannon killed (goblin champ scrolls are a good way to test this), but I think that you only get them if they are otherwise untagged. I don't know about xp, but kills should count. If you want to tag, you'll have to use a lot of Chain/Ricochet and steel titan. 2) Cannon max hit depends on your dps, iirc. I'm pretty sure max hit at max dps is ~600, which is only about twice what it was pre-EoC, and health/primary weapon dps went up more than that (going from 150/tick to at least 600/tick), so cannons just do less damage. In addition, the ratio of seconds-per-kill to seconds-per-spawn tends to have worsened, meaning your cannon will, on average, be hitting fewer targets. 3) Luring is harder and less significant since monsters die so quickly and you can't move with 3-tick attacks so well. The old-style void/hand/cannon frost dragon method is sadly gone :(. That said, cannons are still okay for lots of things, but primarily melee-only targets and very big groups, sadly. Edit: just tested @ Lumby goblins: you do get both ranged and hp xp from cannon kills, even with drygores equipped.
  9. My new computer is working very well indeed, woo :). No problems with HTML5 either.
  10. Yelps should not ever have been a part of the game, hence I voted to never see him again.
  11. Split from 200m in all skills. I'm continuously amazed at how bad Jagex' systems are.
  12. I've moved posts on Jebrim's warning here because they were (getting) a bit off-topic. I've also removed the posts about image hosts - feel free to discuss them here. Please stay on topic, which means "200m in all skills", minus all the topics that we previously got flamewars over, plus any topic that we haven't had a flamewar over yet, but will cause one anyway. I realize that doesn't leave you with a whole lot of options, but that's mostly up to you ;).
  13. The cost was increased because it used to be trivial, especially compared to the kind of gp/h you ought to be making at t70 and t80.
  14. It's still roughly 6 of each basic crew, 4 merchants, 3 judges. Sacrifice any basic crew for a wisp instead, if you like.
  15. Finished all scrolls, bought a second terracotta merchant and a sea fort guard. 30% to the Shield (that's about 6000 terracotta for 30%, or about 2500 for the last 10%, so hopefully at least 17500 to come in still, probably more).
  16. I don't think EoC created any safespots.
  17. 1) How fast do these phases go? 2) Magic has the best DPS out of all styles (but only dual wield), though it only works every other kill. Other than that, people prefer to DPS for easy mode. 3) Only for Vorago, I think, and Barrows 2/solo Nex. Maybe duo KK as well. Places where you need more defence than Nex armour provides. 4) Get more armour :P. 5) It's worth getting an oxhead or two for important triples (trio voyages for one), but otherwise they aren't very good at all. Merchants are always worth using. The new areas are worth going for. I think telescopes work by shifting chance - e.g. if you had a 50/50 chance to get a scroll or xp mission, you now have a 43/57 chance or something. Extras: - Notepaper is presumably good at frost dragons, airut, dagannoth kings, Graardor and other heavy bone-droppers. - No. Grenwalls are not worth it, though the big chin is pretty nice xp. - No, Berserk is not worth it for most slayer monsters, and xp rates are higher with magic anyhow. Only use Berserk when your main dps abilities (Destroy, Slaughter + move, Assault) are off cooldown. Momentum is probably about half xp. Remember to use a cannon. - Probably around 20 minutes but it heavily depends on what kind of randoms you pick up. Having one good dger you can work with and a couple of gd slaves can probably give you 15 minute floors, but then again randoms might be into fishing and give you 30-40 min beast mode floors. - Yes. Using up those effigies will increase your drop rate.
  18. Which is exactly why Jagex is horrible at designing/balancing content (look at Runespan, ivy, rocktails, most bank skills). However, the old style combat system is not one of those horrible parts of the game, at least, not where high-end combat is concerned. Combat was very engaging when fighting in the right places. Of course Kuradal hellhounds were awful, but resource dungeon hellhounds with cannon and titan were not. Mutated bloodvelds, black demons, dark beasts - all excellent with a cannon and titan, all awful without. Instead of extending the end-game powerslaying-style combat to lower levels - by making cheaper, more useful familiars for example - Jagex chose to make a fairly bad and fairly boring ability system. I'm pretty tired of people calling the old system 'click and wait'. I assume that nearly everyone here has done some powerslaying at some point or another - that should make it obvious that waiting is the last thing you do in combat. Yes, certain interface issues were the cause of much APM, but even if you had hotkeys to flash prayers and spec (weapon & familiar), that would've been proper tactical combat. Old style combat didn't need more than a NIS and some engaging opponents. EoC was completely uncalled for. (that said, Legacy combat is incredibly stupid - I only voted in favour to watch RS burn)
  19. C2 fishing, with or without SC harpoons (you can now use the bonus xp anywhere). C2s also train woodcutting quite efficiently, when combined with fishing.
  20. Thanks :). Currently have rudder, one seafaring crew (level 7 yay - so many missions have a sf req) and about 1100 terracotta. Also at 80 pearls and 24 koi scales. Next up: getting terracotta merchants! The last scroll mission I need - if successful - should come in in ~10 hours. I also bought premier membership with bonds (@7.2 each). Don't get any ideas about RS, I only bought it to stick around with you guys <3:!
  21. Quyneax


    Yes, get the power armour. It will be a noticeable dps boost.
  22. Currently at 3440 terracotta from 20% of the distance. Great average :D.
  23. Given that Jagex won't make any useful updates with the dev time they waste on Legacy, it doesn't matter what the vote does. It's useless one way or another. I just think that this legacy mode thing will be a far more interesting disaster than the alternative.
  24. This is completely ridiculous... but okay, I'll go with it. I want to see what's going to happen if they do release it. Also a small question, why would we want to have the old interface when we have a NIS? NIS is hardly the problem.
  25. A very very slow face-heel turn. Well, yay. Chances of 'legacy mode' being even halfway decent or sensible or done in time are slim to none, but okay.
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