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  1. Do you have enough overload ingredients? For 93-94 you can just make about 600 of each extreme (720k xp).
  2. We already know that you can get 71 of each resource from the first two trio finales (with jade merchants), so it's definitely multiplicative.
  3. Peasant! I shall purchase your kingdom selling my left glove; I shall challenge the king casting my right glove. Actually, just giving the glove in challenge is probably enough to pay the old fruit off.
  4. You can still be an atheist; the Gielinorian word translated to English as 'god' might perhaps more accurately be translated as '(fallen) archangel' (in Christian contexts) or 'Vala/Maia' (in Lord of the Rings contexts, depending on whether you classify the Elder Gods as aspects of Eru Il├║vatar or not). That is, you can still believe in any amount of all-powerful, all-knowing and all-controlling beings. Those beings won't be the gods that we speak to on Gielinor, but that's okay. Essentially, the assumption of a an all-powerful/knowing being is very productive, that is, it can pretty much always be applied to a given cosmology (this also means that it isn't very specific, and that is related to it not explaining very much about the world).
  5. Jade merchant + FotS: 50 * 1.3 * 1.1 = 71.5 Terracotta merchant + FotS: 50 * 1.33 * 1.1 = 73.15 You get two extra trade goods of each from using a terracotta merchant. In addition, they are worth getting for the entire Loop and Shield regions. I'd just go and do the trio with TCM, also for the extra couple of hundred morale you get that way.
  6. The barmaid is of the opinion that I am in dire need of cherrywood. She has been brought to the Shambling Lair for further questioning.
  7. I got a 'Renez has achieved level 99 in all skills' message about a week? ago.
  8. Quyneax


    You can use the south spot, which has two spawns without luring (plus a third if you want, but that might actually lure a fourth over if you're not careful). It's actually in the Tip.It tormented demons guide (the part on locations/luring, that's still quite up-to-date) with all the fancy diagrams I made :P. See this, scroll down, 9th and 10th image from the top. That was my favourite guide to work on, but all the carefully balanced setups are now broken :(. EoC metagame is so boring.
  9. I agree I would take the power for myself, but that doesn't mean I'm on the Godless' side - as of right now, I'm with Zaros, and I will continue to be, because the Godless aren't the best path to power at all. And I'm certainly not trying to get rid of the gods, either generally or in Gielinor only. If I can take the power and ascend, that's fine, but that doesn't mean I'll be decimating my own species now, will it?
  10. The reef rider isn't worth it. I'd go for the rudder instead, that'll give you more useful speed. I rolled 6 pearls, 6 plate and 125 terracotta all with combat requirements, and my combat ship is already out on a 35 spice voyage :(.
  11. Took me about 15 kills, I know a friend of mine got them in ~20 as well.
  12. You can get yourself a good shield, instead of Falador shield 4, and use Revenge to save some health. You can upgrade your gloves to Static, but that should be very minor. You can also bring an adrenaline potion to use more thresholds. Plus you can use an aura.
  13. You can fight any of them if you just get 85 defence for Ports armour. With ganodermic, you can also mage most/all of them. Higher stats are mostly a matter of trip length. If you can, get started on Ports and get yourself some death lotus darts and death lotus or seasingers armour.
  14. Aye, that's what the old formula was about: no equipment, nearly all monsters were unarmed. Which, in its way, is pretty fair, because equipment is visible anyway, right? Yes, if you want a combat level to be accurate, it must change depending on your equipment. That's also the point: combat level is not meant to give an indication of strength: it's meant to give an indication of levels, with equipment being visible (overrides don't work in PvP, remember!), and your opponent's inventory being an unknown. (PvP) Combat has always been a game of incomplete information, that's at least half the fun - bosses never had that 'dangerous' feel because they don't have inventories to play with. Nobody wants a game where you can predict the outcome of a fight based on a couple of combat levels difference - that would take all the skill out of reading an opponent. If you see someone at 115 combat being zerker-y, it's a zerker, that simple. If they aren't using Soul Split (and you didn't see a Turmoil animation), then be aware they may be 80 attack instead of 60 or 70. That's excitement, and that's good.
  15. Crafting isn't a part of beast mode, only depleting all resources: fishing spots, trees, rocks, farming patches.
  16. @OTM: That's how the old system worked, roughly, except that HP was weighed less, and strength more, and defence more. The old system was: 1/4th defence and hp, 1/8th prayer and summoning, roughly half magic or ranged or a third of attack + strength. Is this really true? I don't think so. Everybody keeps repeating how the old/138 formula allowed people to hide how powerful they were, and how the new/200 formula regularly overestimates people's power. People also see that Graardor was level 624 - four and a half times higher than a maxed player, despite being soloable many times per trip - under the old system and is now level 210 - despite being classified as tier 75 - under the new formula. Hard mode Graardor? He's also 210 combat. Nex? Used to be 1001, is now 220. So is Nex 5% stronger than Graardor, or is Nex one and a half times stronger? So, what formula gives you a decent indication of power? I think combat level has never been accurate enough that you can say it's been about combat strength - that's just a myth perpetuated by Jagex, because that's what they designed it for. That said, the old formula would give you a minimum combat strength: at 115 combat, it's at least all 80s, at best a turmoil zerker. The current formula? That does the same: 200 combat is at least 99 Strength and Defence, but it might well be completely maxed, and it doesn't reflect equipment at all - equipment has only gotten more important with EoC, so that's a bigger drawback. There's no more budget/low-level decent armour like the old rune.
  17. I'd go with trade goods over 50 terracotta. I just hit 10% and I'm rolling a lot of 125 missions suddenly (might be luck though, who knows). It won't increase your total terracotta gathered during the Loop, but you should get to the Shield a few days earlier.
  18. You'll see the correctness percentage of whichever fish matches your combination best.
  19. The way special attacks are looking now, they are basically not worth it. The weapons with specials are far too low-levelled to have any decent accuracy. Token-wise: get dual wield chaotic claws. Since you don't have Drygores/Ascensions/Seismics or Ports, Nex or Tectonic/Sirenic/Malevolent armour, you may want to avoid Vorago, Barrows 2, Nex and KK. The kind of masses you get into with t80 weapons are probably not ideal for making money. Try glacors, tormented demons, maybe dagannoth kings (might need more armour) or maybe ascension monsters/frost dragons/even airut.
  20. Quickcasting is pretty important when getting big fish and additional weight, so make sure to do that. What I do is get the combinations, docks > lake > river > beach, sticking around the heaviest spot for as long as possible. If you keep losing big fish due to quickcasting, you can always limit quickcasting to the time after you just caught a bit fish (there's a one-minute window after catching one in which you can't catch another one) and after your third fish. With a decent compiler, that should be good for 3.5+ medals per game and 45+ points.
  21. Which kind of defeats the purpose of having that helmet anyway... I don't want to have to withdraw a new fero every time, and the helmet enchantment pretty much fixed that, apart from the death issue.
  22. Read the topic :P. [hide] [/hide] We can pretty much assume that removing skills is not an option, no matter what. Re-using skills, however, is very possible.
  23. Quyneax


    That's still way less lore than RC (which has the whole wizard tower quest line, Lunar Island vs. Fremennik and the whole BRD quest line). This is, after all, Runescape. And we know about rune guardians, we have Aubury's research and so on. Stuff has actually happened here. Prayer, obviously the gods, therefore automatic lore background. Herblore: druid background. Summoning: druids and ogres. Slayer: semi-secret society with Amascut as one of its members. By comparison, there is nothing in the game to suggest that Divination should even happen. It's completely out of the blue, has nothing to do with the old quests about the Anima Mundi (Hazelmere, for instance, or spirit trees). Jagex made zero effort to integrate it into the game at all. Even all of the new NPCs are new.
  24. I've had that in html5 beta dungeoneering before. Including sometimes in places which later turned out to be rooms, if I recall correctly.
  25. Except that 99 att + str + range would be as powerful as 99 mage + def + hp. It wouldn't be a good idea to make all skills contribute equally. Certain skills are (nearly) useless without a companion skill. For example, defence is almost useless at defending without the corresponding hp level you need for armour. The same for attack and strength: if you have 99/1 or 1/99 your dps is still going to be pretty bad (more so with 1 attack than 1 strength, but okay). At the same time, defence isn't very useful if you don't have any offence, summoning is useless if you don't have defence and hp and so on and so forth. If you want to reflect that, you'll need to pick the lowest out of hp and def, the highest out of atk + .5 str, 1.5 mage and 1.5 ranged, get .5 summoning but only up to def level and .5 prayer but only up to dps level. At max combat, you'd be 99 + 149.5 + 49.5 + 49.5 = 347.5. Min combat being 3.5. Depending on how big you want your numbers to be, I'd divide that by something - 2.5 is fine (139 combat max).
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